Tech Bulletin #2

Monday 22nd September 2014

This week...

  • Look out for planning updates in iTunes U app
  • iPad trolley still out of use - update re:trolley/paid apps etc. in Thursday's briefing
  • Check Outlook for Hub timetable - not all classes need Hub this week
  • Wed 24/9/14 - LTMs at JSV for update with IS team

Being prepared for Computing lessons

Since we've had a busy start to the school year I've tried to be flexible about Computing planning and accessing iTunes U courses for Computing. This week I expect everyone to come prepared for our lessons together. A lot of time has been spent on preparing the individual year group courses to support you, please do me the courtesy of reading them. Everything you need (and more!) is there...the rest is up to you. :)

Changes to workspaces at JSD

Our staffing structure has changed significantly this year. As a result I plan to implement some changes to our shared work areas in order to accommodate this (with David's and Ed's help!).

Staff workroom - This will move back to Room 124 (next to the studio). David will also be based there. More PC workstations will be available for TAs and release teachers to use.

Room 123 (next to Catherine) - This will become a designated learning and teaching space. The interactive whiteboard from the studio will be moved here shortly. TAs are kindly requested to use the staff workroom or respective year group classrooms to access a PC workstation.

ESLT room/secondary staff workroom - Since all APLs are out on Tuesdays the room next to Angela will become a designated ESLT room on that day. Visitors and JSD staff are kindly requested to use the staff workroom in room 124. During the rest of the week the room will be a secondary workroom for all staff and I'll be based there too.

Meeting room - Another PC workstation will be placed in the meeting room in due course. Be aware that the meeting is often free and is another great bookable location for groups of children or TAs to use!

New desks and chairs - Angela and I plan to meet and discuss new desks and chairs for both workrooms since we have a rather eclectic mix at the moment!

More shared areas and PC workstation access will be considered once the KS2 classroom PCs are reviewed in November.

Just for fun!

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