UQMSA Career Development Workshop

The CV and Social Network Advantage Workshop

Getting an Edge on Your Competition

What are the essential elements of a successful CV that will catch the attention of potential employers?

Will your employers look at your Facebook account? And if they do how much weight will they attach to evaluating you as a potential employee?

Social media presence and awareness will increase your profile in your industry. True or false?

Get the answers to these interesting questions by attending UQMSA's

"Impressing your Employers: The CV and Social Network Advantage Workshop"

Impressing your Employers: The CV and Social Network Advantage Workshop

Saturday, Aug. 25th 2012 at 10am-2pm

Sir Fred Schonell Drive

The University of Queensland, Queensland

In the realm of employment and job opportunities, especially in the age of information and saturation of University graduates, it is a widely-known belief that half the battles are fought before you even meet your employers for the FIRST TIME.

What do we mean by battles?

We mean your CV (Curriculum Vitae), or more specifically what companies look for in a CV and the format of CVs;

We mean your Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In account, which you can be sure employers are very interested at;

We mean using all the resources available to impress your potential employers before they even get a glimpse of you in person.

Therefore, UQMSA is presenting to you the “Impressing your Employers: The CV and Social Network Advantage Workshop”, where our speakers will guide you through the intricacies and complexities of this tricky subject matter.

The first part of the workshop will be presented to you by our very own Abang Rahmat, who holds a PhD in Business Management and experienced lecturer at Petronas. In the course of employment at Petronas, he has reviewed and evaluated countless CVs by hopeful job-seekers, and is most qualified at pointing out to us the essential elements of a CV that will get catch the eyes of your potential employers.

The second part will be conducted by Mr Andy Lau Cherhan. He is currently pursuing his PhD on Data Mining (or in laymen terms, ‘mining newsworthy information from social media’ ). His talk, titled “What is Yours is Mined”, reveals how companies look at your online social media presence and how it is being evaluated as part of your CV and you will learn how big company use social media part of your CV evaluation, and tips and tricks to make your social presence stand out from the others. This talk provides an insightful and revolutionary perspective to look at social media, apart from the daily "I just had a salmon roll" foodtography post.

You can register via email to uniqmsa@gmail.com. Please include in the email your full name, your course of study, and your student number. Registration closes on the 19th of August.

Spaces are limited so be quick!