Andrew Jackson

The 7th Presedent

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Birth and Death

Andrew Jackson was born in March 15, 1767 and died in June 8, 1845

Military Career

Andrew Jackson was appointed commander of the Tennessee militia in 1801. During the War of 1812 he led his troops to victory against the Creek Indians at Horseshoe Bend. Killing about 800 warriors and taking 20 million acres of land in present-day Georgia and Alabama. After this military success, Jackson was appointed the military title "major general".

U.S. Presidency

-Andrew Jackson did not submit to Congress in policy-making, but was the first president to command with his power to veto. By doing this he earned the title "people's president".

-Despite his popularity and success, Jackson's presidency was not without its controversies. One particularly troubling aspect of it was his dealings with Native Americans. Historians often blame him for sufferings such as the Trail of Tears, the forced relocation westward of the Cherokee Indians.


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