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Our Highlights: What We've Been Rockin' at Lately

We are really starting to get into the swing of things here "in concert." Our highlights include working on reading with lots of expression during Reading Workshop. We used a great book called Yo! Yes? to get us started on focusing on the punctuation. Have your child read to you for 5 minutes today using their new or improved skills from this week!

In writing this week, we focused on how Writer's Write about what is important to them and how we can sketch to help us begin to write. We focused on some topics that are important to us! As your kiddo what some of the things they added to their jot pages this week were.

We also worked on data and graphing in math this week. Students came up with their own question that they wanted to ask the class and the 4 answer choices. They asked them to the class and made a tally chart. (We will use that data later to make other graphs and charts.) Have your Rock Star tell you what their question and answer choices were. Some them got really creative!

Additionally, we played the Name Game with Mrs. Battin today and she got all of our names correct! She might have to become an honorary Rock Star. We also got to know our First Grade Buddies by asking them questions and sharing a Friendship Fruit Salad with them. We were wonderful role models to our younger buddies! I have included photos below of the adorable bonding time with our buddies!

This was a phenomenal week! What a Rock Star group! They are grasping so much, so quickly, and they work amazingly well with each other. You should be proud of your Rock Star!

Next on Tour: Upcoming Events!

09/09- Spelling Pretest (words on homework packet)

09/09- WAVE Meeting at 6:30pm Del Paso

09/10- Library Books Due

09/12- WCS Board Meeting 6:30

09/18- WCS Board Meeting 5:30

09/20- Road of Life Project Due

Road of Life Map Project Due

Friday, Sep. 20th 2013 at 8:30am

Westlake Charter School, Del Paso Road, Sacramento, CA

Students are to fill out the map with 8 important events from their life, starting with the day that they were born. They are to write a sentence (or more) about each event and can include a picture that they draw as well. Anything students write should be in pencil or pen (not crayons or markers.) They will be sharing the events on Friday, September 30th in class.

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Our Interviews With Our First Grade Buddies!

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