Turkey Passenger Locator Form

A tourist visa can be applied for at the airport if an individual has already applied. They must submit the Turkey passenger locator form with their passport or visa before they can travel.


The Turkey Passenger Locator form has many benefits. One of these is that it helps people plan their trip so that they can avoid being in the common mistakes such as missing connection, lost or delayed flight and etc. The form has many benefits. Below is an explanation about the same.

Individuals should be aware that Turkey has many safety precautions. If you do not have any health related problems, you could still get the exam, but with a nominal fee. Individuals who want to travel to Istanbul or other major cities in Turkey must fill out the medical exam form within 72 hours. The reason for this is that there may be some people who might be carrying contagious diseases and thus, the authorities might request them to abstain from travel. People must also fill out the quarantine form when applying for tourist visas at an airport. You must complete the entire form before you submit it to the appropriate department.

If an individual has already applied for a tourist visa at the airport, then he / she needn't do anything else. However, prior to travel, they still need to submit the Turkey passenger locator form along with the passport or visa. Because if you do not submit the form with your original documents, it could result in your original documents being lost along with any money you have paid. It is a good idea to check the validity of your travel documents before you travel to Turkey. This way, there would be no hassle later on.

You will need to fill out the Turkey passenger locator form with a variety of information. You need to firstly list down all the passengers who will be traveling with you. It is recommended that you make a list of all the passengers who will be traveling with you. This includes those who reside in Europe, as well as those from Asia and Africa. When you reach the airport, check with the travellers' desks to find out the exact numbers of passengers who are present there. This is because there are usually a limited number of passengers who can be accommodated in each cabin.

After you have listed down all the names of the passengers, then go back to the Istanbul Airport and visit the traveler's desk. Ask the desk clerk for the numbers 72 hours before your departure. Most Istanbul airports will give you the numbers from the Turkey passenger locator form, which you submitted with your passport and visa. These numbers will be updated according to the latest information about flight schedules and arriving or departing flights.

You can plan your travel with the help of the Istanbul airport's hotels and resorts, provided you give 72 hours notice. Once you have made your travel plans, fill out the Turkey passenger locator form once more. You would have to provide details regarding your itinerary, including the destination, air carrier and proposed route of travel. This would enable the airport to assign an airport shuttle bus or taxi to you after receiving your travel documents. Moreover, the airport would also issue boarding passes to you for movement within the airport premises and for movement across the city.