Does makeup improve ones self-confidence?

About me

Hello there! My topic is about beauty and whether it enhances a women's confidence or not. Now let me introduce myself, my name is Abigail Vang. I am a student at F.L. Schlagle High School. What I like to do during my free time is go shopping, play sports, and listen to music. My hobbies are volleyball, drawing, and hanging out with friends and family. In the future, I want to make a difference in the world and help those who are in need. I chose this topic because makeup have defined our society and its acceptance to either be accepted or rejected by the way you look.

Essential Question

Does makeup improve ones self-confidence?

I was interested in this topic because girls and women of all age seems to prefer to change their appearances to be accepted in all society. Family and friends of mines have developed a liking to this trend to improve their looks and are fascinated in the makeup industry. Makeup have become so popular that oneself believes it improves their confidence by 75%. When I researched the topic, women preferred to wear makeup not just on outings, but to wear it daily. It have become a routine to include in their daily activities like wearing clothes, brushing their teeth, and etc. Makeup has been a coverup for some to hide scars, emotional distress, to be accepted, and to not be categorized as different.


What I've discovered about this topic is that there are a lot of women and young girls under the age of 13 wearing makeup. It may either be to impress others or increase their self-esteem. What I hope to gain from this topic is the understanding of why makeup have become a trend in today's era. What I hope others gain from this is that not everyone is perfect and you shouldn't judge a person by appearances.



As shown in the chart, these are the responses from my classmates.

Makeup - 0%

Natural beauty - 47.6%

Makeup here and there - 28.6%

None - 23.8%

This shows us that almost half the class goes for natural look while the other half really doesn't.


Why is makeup beneficial?

Makeup is beneficial to those who chooses to use makeup because it covers your scars, blemishes, and it also boost your confidence.

Natural Look

Why is going natural better?

Going natural is an option oneself make because they prefer to be comfortable in their own skin. They are not afraid to be judged or be accepted by others other than themselves.


  • 44% of women feel unattractive without makeup on
  • Women start wearing makeup at the age of 13 or younger
  • Makeup can be a mask you hide behind that gets you ready to face the world
  • Can be used as part of religious or cultural rituals
  • It enhances the contrast of the human face
  • Majority of the women put on cosmetics to gain self-esteem and to boost their confidence
  • Women around the world water 474 days of their lives applying makeup

Here's a short story about a girl...

Her name is Talia Castellano. She was diagnosed with cancer and battled it for six years. Throughout those years, she inspired people to love themselves no matter what. She would always say "makeup is my wig." She wore makeup to build her self confidence and inspired millions of viewer's from her youtube channel to be yourself and to be comfortable in your own skin.


The links below shows you how there are many ways to make yourself feel beautiful without putting on makeup.

Before and After Pictures


These videos shows you what makeup can do to us. In the first video it shows us how we are judge by society even if we do or don't wear makeup. In the second video it shows us the power of makeup and how it can change your appearance.
The Power of MAKEUP!

Future Steps

With the researches and information that I have gained about makeup or natural beauty, I would want others to feel confident in themselves. Whether it is with makeup or without makeup. I would encourage others to build their self-esteem without giving society the attention it craves. Natural beauty or not, my steps to enhance ones stability in image should not depend on the amount of cosmetic prices, but the true image of oneself should be priceless.


What I've gain from this research is that society today use beauty differently then how it did in the 1900s. Today, beauty evolves around your physical appearance, the application of makeup, and the price it takes to be accepted by society. Natural image have been replaced dramatically through the years. The amount of things you put on your face to cover up what is naturally suppose to be there.