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Cultural Awareness Project at Discovery Program

The Rapid City 21st Century Discovery After-school programs are partnering with Kellsie Judge, the RCAS Family and Community Engagement Coordinator and Jessie Rencountre, a Rapid City elementary school counselor and author of award winning children’s book “Pet’a Shows Misun the Light” to bring cultural awareness and cultural discussions into the programs. Judge, along with Desi Keller, Discovery Program Manager and site coordinators have created a mission and plan with Jessie Rencountre to provide one of her books to each student in the four programs and to then do a live book talk via Facebook Live or Zoom; books will be handed out to students and site coordinators and their teams will conduct mini lessons with the students around cultural awareness. Then, in January, the live book talk will take place with students and families. Jessie won the 2017 Great Plains Emerging Tribal Writer’s Award and has another book coming out soon! Both of her books discuss the importance of utilizing unique talents and embracing where you come from.

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Understanding Diversity at General Beadle and Belle Fourche Progams

Through partial grant funds from the South Dakota Community Foundation and 21st Century funding, the General Beadle Discovery Center in Rapid City and the Belle Fourche 21st Century Programs (Elementary and Middle School) partnered with two local artists, Cary Thrall and Jay Pond, to create outside community art projects. The projects were a collaborative creative experience at no cost to communities. Each community was involved in developing the community art piece from initial design to final installation. The projects partnered with both the SD Statewide Family Engagement Center and 21st Century Programs to embrace the idea of diversity and how important it is to not only understand diversity among individuals within a school, but also diversity within a community. Through attending family/community meetings, engaging in lessons taught by individual artists, participating in material preparation sessions, and experiencing the finished artworks, collaborative community artwork was created. To view an interview about the project access this link: Additionally, the Rapid City Journal ran a feature on the General Beadle Art Project’s installation - CLICK HERE to view the article.
The first project (General Beadle – Rapid City) started in February with Artist/Sculptor Jay Pond. Attached is a photo of Pond working with several fourth and fifth grade students from the General Beadle 21st Century Program, teaching them yoga and mindfulness, and then the students worked with Pond to create an art piece, made with wood, depicting different yoga poses of the students; the art piece is located in the community garden of General Beadle and was finished in late summer.
The second project (Belle Fourche) started in May with both artists, Pond and Thrall, working with students to learn about Belle Fourche’s Beautiful Forks (two rivers merging) and the importance of Buffalo to Native American heritage; the second project was finished in late July.

Community Garden Project at General Beadle

Since 2012, the General Beadle 21st Century Program, in partnership with the Rapid City FACE Coordinator and the SDSU Extension Club has manned a community garden. This year it was decided to create a video to highlight the project, which produces anywhere from 100 to 300 pounds of food per year and is distributed to students and families of the 21st Century Programs in North Rapid City. This year, in partnership with a grant from the South Dakota Community Foundation, an art piece was added to the garden.
SNAP-Ed Garden at General Beadle Elementary

Discovery Programs learn about South Dakota plants while painting an Alley

The four Rapid City 21st Century Discovery Programs (Horace Mann, General Beadle, Discover the Valley, and Knollwood) partnered with Rapid City Artist Hope Christofferson to 1) learn about different plants throughout South Dakota and how they can be utilized for healing, and 2) paint a mural in Art Alley to depict some of the flowers and herbs. Hope worked with a group of students to teach them about the plants and then met on a Saturday and Sunday to paint the mural. Hope will be providing additional lessons throughout the fall with the programs.

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Mural Painting for Riders on the Storm

The Rapid City 21st Century programs, in partnership with The Chamber Music Festival of the Black Hills created a multi-media event titled "Riders on the Storm" for South Dakota Public Broadcasting. Students of the program had the opportunity to help with the painting of mural in Art Alley with artists Mark Zimmerman and Focus Smith. The mural is about the pandemic and how it has affected the daily lives of the kids. In class, the kids drew about how the pandemic affects their daily life. With the help of local artists Mark Zimmerman and Focus Smith, their drawings were actualized onto Art Alley. Each year the two artists work with the 21st Century program. To view last year’s community project with the kids titled, Mitakuye Oyasin, click here:




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SoDakSACA - The mission of the SoDakSACA is to promote quality Out-of-School Time programs for children and youth through professional development and public advocacy.

SD Afterschool Network - The mission of the South Dakota Afterschool Network is to support and sustain quality afterschool, out of school time (OST) and youth development programs to serve the needs of South Dakota’s youth.

Foundations Beyond School Hours Virtual Conference -

National Education Conference Virtual Programming for K-12 Educators, Youth Development, Afterschool and Summer Programs. February 17-19, 2021

BOOST Conference -

Join the largest, most recognized and comprehensive global convening for after school, expanded learning, and in and out-of-school time professionals. Set in a retreat-like atmosphere, this annual, extraordinary event will rejuvenate your passion, boost your direction for quality programming and provide tools and resources that will inspire you to create change. April 27 - 30, 2021

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