By jasmin rose

Song writers

Some times when I listen to songs I sometimes sing or make a music video in my head while singing . When I go home I would play with my guitar and come up with song just like a song writer. When ever I do I always get so excited and have goose bumps.

Inspiring singers

Why do I want to become an music Artist?!


Ever since I was little my parents, teacher, or friends will yell at me or make me get in trouble on purpose even if I didn't do anything. I would start crying but ever since I've been listening it would cheer me up. My mom even told that that when I was in her stomach I would move every single time. Another time when I was around 6 months I already knew how to walk so my parents would put me on a jumper and I jump and jump every time music came on. When the music stops I would stop jumping like a pause and play button