Karissa gonzales


Getting There

I will be traveling from Denver to Paris .I will be getting there by a airplane to Paris. The flight will cost $2462 for the airplane flight for the both of us it will cost $4924 total it will take a day to get to Paris.


Where to Stay

i will be staying in the Le burgundy hotel in Paris. It will cost $549.68 to stay one night at the hotel. After finding my hotel in Paris i would have to check inn the hotel i would want to stay close by the pool in the hotel so it would be easier to go to my room. i will be staying in Paris for three nights in the Le burgundy hotel. Then try to head back to Denver.



The first activitie i would do in paris is go visit and discover is the eilffel tower. Looking at all the other buildings and the sky.the last day in paris i would go to thwe paris museum in the museum i would love to see all the th photos and sculptures.Asking question in the art museum could help me learn more about paris.


There would be multiple problems without traveling with anyone.The problem of traveling to another state is that you would need help of other languages and you don't know how much money each restaurant hotel and other items. But, that's why we would h to take a friend with us to figure out were places are and what activities to do and so you wont be alone to do other stuff.


I pick this location because Paris and looks like it is a interesting place to be and discover what they do in Paris and . It looks interesting because Paris has the Eiffel tower and a art museum.. I learned that you could learn lots of other stuff about other sates and everything is different than other sates. I learned that you need to plan out a trip and need lots of money to use on trips. I also learned that you wouldn't want to travel by yourself because you would need help getting around.

About the Traveler

I only traveled to one state which is California and through all that driving is lots of money. And through our vacation it was lots of money we didn't plan to stay at a motel.We stood at a motel in Las Vegas. Next i would like to travel to is flordia because i would like to relax on the beach and swim in the ocean . And have a great time with my family members.Also i would be traveling to London again. Just to get a look at London one more time..