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April 2017 - Vol. 6 Issue 2

Thinking BIG For Our Children

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176 Afterschool Students Perform at UniverSoul Circus

Congratulations to our wonderful and talented students who successfully auditioned and performed at the UniverSoul Circus on April 25th at Baisley Park. The Theme of the performance, chosen by UniverSoul was “Kids Lives Matter”. The owner of UniverSoul Circus is passionate about highlighting the positivity of youth and dedicated the show to bring awareness to “Kids Lives Matter”. The performance was a combination of step, spoken word, and dance directed by Eric Normil-Mendez, Media Activity Specialist, Jasmine Warren, Dance Instructor, and Tiaura Nyla Townsley, Theater/Step Activity Specialist. Our star students who performed include Aniya Campbell, Actor, Dominque Jerome, Actor, Olanna Iwu, Actor, Noel Boone, Actor, Lemaj Engleton, Step, Rashad Townsley, Step, Malakai Pearson, Step, Mikhail Pearson, Step, Ryan Harvey, Step, Jasmine Davis, Dance, Mackenzie Breg, Piano,/Dance, Jennah Pickering, Dance, Elise Silva, Dance, Victorya Fentress, Dance, Damiyah Hilton, Dance, Ashley McClymont, Dance, Osazeme Ekhator, Dance, Jolie White, Dance, Savanah Salomon, Dance Taylor Thompson, Dance, Amiyah Dacosta, Dance.

We are extremely proud of our students for working diligently to memorize their lines and routines.

Performing LIVE at the UniverSoul Circus was a great experience for our students. You can watch a snippet of the performance below:

176 Afterschool Students Perform at UniverSoul Circus

UPS Black History Celebration Performance

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Students from P.S. 176 Afterschool Program were invited to perform at the UPS African-American Business Resource Group’s Black History Celebration. Notable guest speakers included Dr. Bob Lee, On-Air Personality and Community Affairs Director for WBLS radio station and Dr. Rudy Crew, Former Chancellor of New York City Public Schools and current President of Medgar Evers College. The students performed “Our Roots” a spoken word/step performance inspired by negro spirituals and important moments of African-American history including Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad.
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Directed By Tiaura Nyla Townsley, Step and Theater Club Activity Specialist.

Performers: Aniya Campbell, Serenity Ogelsby, Olanna Iwu, Lailah Guzman, Katia Thompson, Noel Boone, Saniya Roberts, Rashad Townsley, Lamaj Engleton, Jolie White, Kairi Castellanos, Kyla Sease, Ryan Crandle

Black History and Valentine's Day Celebration 2017

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Black History and Valentine’s Day is always exciting for the students at CYCSI. Every year, we host a party for the students in recognition of these events. Our after school program encourages students to acknowledge and appreciate Black History. The event was hosted by 4th graders Huntley Swaby, Kal-el Douglas, Chase Eason, Syncere Clark. Performances included:

Black National Anthem by Aaliyah King, Saniya Roberts, Noel Boone and Elise Silva

Black History Reading: Brown V. Board of Education – Lordina Amperee

“We Shall Over Come” – Music Club

“Glory” – Branden McLaughlin, Armani Medley, Osagie Ekhator

Heal The World – Dance Club

Black History Reading: “Hidden Figures” – Kyla Sease

Our Roots – Theater Club and Sorority Club

Winter Break

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Our Winter Break Program was an excellent way for students to spend their vacation. During the morning session students completed vacation packets, prepped for the New York State Exam and completed science activities. During the afternoon sessions students participated in Sports, Step, Media, Theater and Engineering Club.

Georden Burton reviews his experience at the Winter Break Program:

“I spent my winter break in school and it was fun. The winter break program was at PS 15. We worked on our homework packets and test prep in the morning. At lunch, we were able to play on our video games. The clubs I attended in the afternoon were Sports and Media. In Media Club, I was able to interview other clubs and take pictures. We had a good time this week. Overall, my Winter Break was awesome.”

-Georden Burton, 3rd Grade

Global Day of the Engineer

On Wednesday April 5th, 2017 we celebrated Global Day of the Engineer. The purpose of the global event is to celebrate engineers, share the wonders of engineering with students and engage them in fun engineering activities! Activities included independent and group building and modeling, creating artwork and reviewing biographies of renowned Engineers. You can find some of the fun activities they did via the link below: http://pbskids.org/designsquad/build/

Movie Night

On April 7th we hosted our first Movie Night! Movie Night was a fun and social event that aided in fundraising for P.S. 176 Out of School Program. The feature film was the animation hit "Trolls" . The students enjoyed the evening and look forward to more fun events.

Earth Day 2017

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Media Club students wrote poems, reports and short stories to bring awareness to Earth Day and the importance of protecting our environment.

About Earth Day by Terryl Jackson (5th Grade)

Earth Day is a holiday that started on April 22nd, 1970. It is about taking care of the environment while also discussing how to reduce pollution and prevent severe climate change. The government tries to avoid oil spills, polluting factories, power plants, raw sewage leaks, toxic dumping, pesticides, freeways, the loss of wild animals and plants, and the extinction of wildlife on Earth. People who celebrate Earth Day also try to preserve energy and prevent global warming. 2020 will be the 50th anniversary of the founding of Earth Day. Earth Day was founded by United States Senator Gaylord Nelson who died in 2005.

Earth Day Comedy by Joshua King

There was a boy who didn’t care about Earth.

He didn’t care that he threw his trash outside his house.

Then a knock on the door came. It was a girl named Danielle.

She told the boy he should never litter. In 2007, we Americans threw away about 570 billion pounds of garbage. We are responsible for 30 percent of the planet's total waste. The boy learned his lesson and picked up all his trash.

Source: http://www.toxicsaction.org/problems-and-solutions/waste


Earth Day Poem by Talise Peele and Antonelle Coley

Earth Day, Earth Day.

it’s the very best day and has the best weather.

We take care of the earth.

We go outside, and plant new trees.

Thank the Earth for all that it gives.

Earth Day, Earth Day we love you Earth day.

It originated on March 21, 1970.

We celebrate Earth day to understand the consequences of our actions.

Earth Day without you we would live in trash.

Why We Need Earth Day by Angela Agbi

Earth Day is a day to say hooray

We can save the planet

And save the animals in it

We need to save the planet

So more generations can live in it

We can save the planet

But we can't do it alone

If we can do it together

Our world would be a better place

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