Big and blue


Neptune is named after the sea god Neptune because he lived in the blue ocean and Neptune is blue. This planet has 13 moons and its day lasts only 16 hours. Neptune takes 165 years to orbit around the sun.

Atmosphere and Composition

Neptune is the coldest planet in the soloar system;on Neptune it can drop to -221.4 deegres. This planet is one of the four gas planets. It's made of Hydrogen gas, helium and methane. The methane gives Neptune its bright blue colour. Neptune has a Atmosphere, Mantle and Core.

Size and Apperence

Neptune is the fourth largest planet. It could fit 60 earths inside its self, and the core its self could fit one earth inside. Neptune is 49 500km around. It has six rings and has many dark spots on it. Neptune has white clouds souronding the surface.


Neptune is four billion km from earth. It would take a human 12 years to get to Neptune so if a 12 year old went to Neptune, there and back, they would be 36 by the time they got back to earth. It takes 4.5 billion km to get to Neptune from the sun. It's the eighth planet also the farthest.


Neptune has awful weather, it has the most violint weather. The Great Dark Spot is a storm that has been there there since Neptune was discoverd in 1846. The average storm travels 700 miles per hour. The frezzing winds blow about ten times faster than hurricans on earth. The hurricane speed on earth is 120km to 250km per hour.


Neptune has a beautiful colour but terrible weather. It's far but very big and maybe someday someone will land on that wounderful planet, Neotune.


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