Noelle Wagner

Cabo San Lucas

Getting There

Ashley and I leave early on the morning of April 10th. We will catch our flight from DIA on Frontier Airlines at 8:15 am. We will get to the Cabo International Airport at precicsily 3:01 pm. We will aslo be picking up our Kia Rio rental car located in the airport car rental shop. It will only cost us $233.17/per month for our car. The 4 door car fits up to 5 people.
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Where to Stay

When Ashley and I arrive in Cabo San Lucas we will be staying at the Los Cabos Golf Hotel. This is a 4 star hotel, with a great pool, excellent staff and it will only cost $1381.59 for 10 days in a double bed suite. In our room we also have a kitchen, full bathroom, and a large window that overlooks the beautiful pool.
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When we arrive in Cabo we will do many things. First we will go on a Zip-line Desert tour, with the most beautiful view of Cabo, over the ocean. We will aslo go Parasaling at the same beach (Nikki Beach) and try not to get pulled to hard by the boat. Ashley and I will even stop at some cool night clubs and show everyone how to party! Also we will be going to some beaches to relax and swim. Last, but certainly not least

we will be going on a mini submarine adventure to see live in a whole new way with the fish.


When Ashley and I were parasailing I went a little to far into the ocean and got stung by a jelly fish. It hurt extremley bad and it made me look all red and puffy , much like a jellyfish itself. When we got back to our hotel we stopped at the local shack to get some cream for my reaction to the sting. I applied some of the cream to the troubled area, and by the next morning all was well.
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History & Culture

Behind all the beautiful palm trees and clear oceans, Cabo San Lucas has a story. In the year 1535 Hernan Cortes set sail with 3 galleons into a tranquil bay he later named Santa Cruz. The hotel Los Crusces was built on the coast in 1948. Also Thomas Cavenish sacked the "invinsible" galleons off cape san lucas in year 1587.


This trip was by far one of my favorite vacations I have ever been on! Ashley and I enjoyed the perfect balance between relaxation, and adventure. I met so many new people, made tons of new friends I still keep in touch with. And of course made some great memories with my bae, Ashley, that I'll never forget.
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About the Traveler

As a traveler, I have been to Mexico before, but not Cabo. I love beaches and water related activites, so I know that this trip is going to be a blast! I love shopping, so Ashley and I are very pumped that we found some nice malls to visit while were in Cabo. When traveling I do like to learn a teeny bit, but mostly spend most of my time meeting new friends and having fun.