Learn about what it is and how to control it!

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a a condition that has two types there is type 1 and type 2.

Type 1; is where your body can not produce its own insulin which means you have to eat more sugar.

Type 2; is where you have too much sugar, you could of become more heavier or you could of been over weight.

Why is it a concern?

Diabetes is increasing and a large amount of Type 2, it is dangerous because once you have diabetes you cannot get ride of it, but you can help redused getting diabetes in the first place.

What are the risk factors for developing it and who is more likely to get it?

The risk factors are obesity, not getting enough exercise and eating too much sugar.

Some way to stop getting diabetes Type 1 is to do heaps of exercise, to take your blood pressure regularly and to eat a balance of things.

Some ways to stop getting Type 2 is to do lots of exercise, to eat a balance of things to eat more healthy and to get outside.

Exercise and have a balance of food!

Lets start being more healthy and fit to stop diabetes!