Catherine Called Birdy

She is not your average Middle Ages mistress


The setting takes place in the Middle Ages in the year 1400.

No electricity, no technology, no supermarkets, no cars, you could only get food from crops animals etc.

Characteristics of Catherine

1. A very curious girl. Example "Why do noses have two openings and mouths only one?

2. A sometimes childish girl. Example "i put a toad in Georges bed. I don`t know why".

3.A trouble maker. Example is when she snuck out of the housento see the hanging.

4.She usually will get agravated over something little. Example "I threw my spinning tools into the privy".

5.Catherine is also to quick to jump. Example is when she heard the muscions on her saints day she quickly decided she wanted to be a song writer.


1. Catherine dropped her bird into the fish and her father had a uproar.

2. Catherine was in the meadow with Aelis and she said she wishes to marry George.

3. Catherine is trying to find a spell to ruin Aelis and uncle Georges love.

4. The privy cleaners found Catherine`s spindles in the privy.

5. Morwenna tells Catherine about how she met her father.

6. When Morwenna tells Catherine "You are much already Little Bird. Why not cease your fearful pounding against the bars of your cage and be content.

7.Catherine starts to try to write a song.

8. Catherine put lute strings in a fish dish and the heat made them move like worms which made the lady Margaret faint into her dish.

9. George and Aelis haven`t talked and it looks like their love is going to end.

10. Catherine is wondering and wondering when the curse she muttered will work.


1. Catherine: The main character who is curious and childish. " Why do noses have two openings and mouths only one?"
2. Morwenna: Catherine`s mom who is very strict and gives catherine information she sometimes doesn`t understand. " You are much already little bird. Why not cease your fearful pounding aganist your cage and be content".
3.Perkin or Goat boy: Catherine`s crush and who she likes to pick on. "Perkin wasnt around for me to pick on".


I predict that catherine will solve all probelms or conflicts with her family except her father. My reason is because all he does is drink ale. One day he is going to lose his self control and hut or possibly kill Morwenna. My proof is that Catherine always dreds how her dad is suffering from ale head.