Media literacy

what it really is and what it really means

What is media and media literacy

I think that media is something that people refer to as many things. Media can be defined as something as in websites or social networks that people go on to share their thoughts, appeals, interests, what they do, what goes on in their life with other people. Media can be defined as TV. People are always on TV shows advertising something that somebody in this world might be interested in. News casts on what the weather might be for the week, commercials for 5 minutes before your show comes back on can be defined as media. Magazines that you buy or newspapers that people on bikes throw at your door when they go by can be known as media. When you are on the internet and you see ads popping in your face are all parts of media. I believe that there is no actual definition in the word media, as it relates to many things all revolving around it. I think the word Media Literate has to do with every person individually. To be media literate, you access, analyze, share, evaluate, and even create media for others to witness. You are interested in the media and now are looking to convince people into what you are in. As Ted was talking about electronic tattoos, he mentioned a lot of things that revolved around electronic tattoos. He wanted everybody to understand what he was talking about, and for everybody to look up to his ideas and for the world to actually get an idea of what needs to happen.

Modern proposal

"A very worthy person, a true lover of his country, and whose virtues I highly esteem, was lately pleased in discoursing on this matter to offer a refinement upon my scheme."
Official Coca-Cola "Big Game" Commercial 2014 - America Is Beautiful

Coca Cola Big Game Commercial

Coca Cola in the commercial, America is Beautiful (2014). States that America is beautiful, no matter how different languages you put it in. Coca Cola supports their thesis by having different races and different languages sing America. The commercial’s purpose is to have America have a sense of pride in order to, so that we take a look back the commercial writes in a telling tone for all of the super bowl people.


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McDonalds discount

McDonalds giving us discounts

OAK BROOK, IL reporter

Mar 11, 2014

McDonalds, an overrated fast food industry wants to give us a discount for their burgers, but only by a catch. OAK BROOK, IL states that, we have to give the cashier or drive-thru attendant the name and relationship of the dead as well as a funeral home or hospital contact number to receive the discount and a small soft drink or burger. Now that’s a very good idea. We can have more artery clogging food from them with the discount, and they can look for our dead family members. Seems like a fair deal to me. We will stuff the most burgers down our throats and let’s see whose food attacks us first. And after we all have a stroke, let’s have a soft drink challenge. We will drink as much soda, until the first person’s stomach explodes. After that just one more challenge. Eat the most fries until one of us start to suffer from very high cholesterol and then that person gets to have a heart disease. Yes McDonalds made a very good decision to make some crazy idea to give discounts for us people in exchange for our information.

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HQ Final Fantasy XIII ost - End Credits Roll (Masshi Hamazu)

1984 theme song

This song is made by Masshi Hamazu. I chose this song, because the music to me perfectly fitted the entire 1984 story, due to the different parts of the song. 0:00-1:45 represents Winston thinking about his mother and his sister. He continuously thinks about them 2 every day, and he gets upset every time. Julia tries to make him better, but nothing is happening as she tries relentlessly. The first part of the song males me feel sorry for the 2 important people that Winston lost. 1:46-4:35 represents Julia and Winston as they have a relationship with each other. They promise that they will never leave each other’s side and always be there for each other no matter what. Julia always makes Winston feel better by talking about them two, and by always giving him positive feedback. It lifts Winston’s spirit up a bunch and strengthens his love for her. The second part of the song is romantic like, so I thought of Julia and Winston to be a perfect match for it. 4:35-the end represents the power of youth that Winston has from Julia when he is trapped in jail and he is being screwed around with his mind. Julia says that, Winston could never be made to confess to anything and he can do anything if he tried to at his best. Winston almost gave up, when he tried to save his own life by pushing Julia in front of the rats. His memory ever went away from him, and he had faith in himself to fight through the tragedy and make it all over.

Media Literacy reflection

When I first took this class, I thought of media literacy as something just related to literature. I thought that media literacy was everything that had to do with history of this world of literature. I learned that there is more to media literacy than just looking at the name. Media is almost anything you can think of. Advertising to video making to entertainment to tragic events all link to media literacy. I learned that there are concerns about media, curiosity about media, millions of conversations about media. Media has a good side and a bad side. The good side is, all media has an interest to everybody, even if it is just one thing. The bad thing is advertisements are taking over and it annoys people. People can’t do one thing without an advertisement popping up in their face. This class is very different from all the other language arts classes. All the other language arts classes focused only on reading and learning new words. This class focused on the world of media and what it really means to understand what media literacy has to offer in this world. In this class, we read books and relate it to the real world. We learn the good side and the bad side of what media really is. I learned that media does not have a specific definition, media can be defined as a lot of things. Media covers this entire world, and it circulated all day every day. Just one thing could be don’t to make this class better. Put all the assignments on the calendar for each month so we know what is coming up and what to expect. Other than that, this class was well informed for me and it was a class that taught me a lot about the world.