The Woman Entrepreneur

WMST 4950-001 Issues in Women's Movement

Create Success on Your Terms

“A soulful, practical guide to creating success on your own terms” is the way Danielle LaPorte’s Fire Starter Sessions describes her techniques for getting in touch with your inner entrepreneur. This course interrogates received knowledge and misguided ideas about the successful woman, explores LaPorte’s and others’ new techniques for women’s entrepreneurship, facilitates the application of selected techniques, and guides class members in the journey of getting in touch with their inner entrepreneur.

Spring 2015

Tuesday & Thursday 12:45 to 2:05

January 20 to May 7

Gilbreath Hall 212

Fuel your passion. Create a plan for success. Do business differently.

K.C. Gott, Instructor

K.C. is a purpose-driven entrepreneur & business owner who trains, mentors, and coaches other purpose-driven entrepreneurs and micro-organizations so they can connect with their ideal audience to have a bigger impact in the world. She has also been teaching college courses in Women's Studies, Communication & Public Speaking for close to a decade.