Character Analysis

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas - Joshua Bell


Bruno is a nine year old boy from Berlin that moves to Poland because his father is the Military Commandant, who is being transferred. Bruno and his family have to go and live by a concentration camp that the Jews are being held captive, but he is still confused and not sure why he is there. He is very curious and loves going on new adventures and discovering new things. He has a twelve year old sister names Gretel that is always in his business, she thinks that she knows what is best for him, and he was secretly scared of him. When on one of his adventures he met Shmuel on the other side of the fence and became friends with him as they shared stories with each other and took food to him.


Bruno's twelve year old sister, known as the 'Hopeless Case' is always interested in everyone else's business. She does not really get along with Bruno, she likes to treat him like he is six, and made sure that he knew that she was in charge and he was to do what she told him to do. She really does not like new things, and is always playing with her dolls. Has a crush on Lieutenant Kurt Kotler, whom Bruno really does not like.


Bruno and Gretel's mother, snobby and knows what she wants and then gets it. Mother is tall with long red hair that is usually up. She is very dependent on the family's maid, Maria. She does not speak of Father that much and tries to always look on the bright side. She also tries to hide what is going on from the children.


The father of Bruno and Gretel, a Military Commandant. He and his family were re-located out of Berlin and into Poland right outside a concentration camp. He is always out or in his office that no one is allowed in. Also, he does not spend much time with his family, his work takes up most of his time.


She is the family maid. Her and Bruno get along very well and enjoy talking to each other. Her mother knew Father when they were little; she helped Bruno's grandmother with her clothing arrangements when she was in concert. When her mother became very ill Father took Maria into his household, and paid for all of the hospital care out of his own pocket. When she passed away he paid for all of the expenses for her funeral as well and now Maria still lives with them and works as their maid.


A nine year old Jewish boy that is from Poland, he is very confused on where he is and what he is doing in the concentration camp on the other side of the fence. He is stuck with hundreds of other families in this camp and has nothing for himself. Him and Bruno share the same birthday and they have a lot of things in common. Bruno was on one of his adventures he met Shmuel and they became friends. Bruno took food to him and they talked and kept each other company.


The Butler of the house that had been placed there because he is Jewish. He helped Bruno patch up his knee once he fell from the swing.

Lieutenant Kurt Kotler

A mean, strict eighteen year old that is in the military, hangs around Bruno's house and thinks that he controls it when Father is gone.

Herr Liszt

He is Bruno's tutor that helps him with his education and wanted him to be less adventurous and more into school work.