Second Chance

Group 7 - Target Goals

Second Chance to Enhance Your Life

Group members: Abigail, Drew, Jazlyn, Lauryn, Madelyn, Morghan, Nathan, Robert

The Issue:

The issue we chose addresses people who are in poverty that abuse drugs. It is shown that people in poverty don't have the proper resources or education to get help for their addictions. The city of Waco is almost double the national average of people in poverty (14%) at 27.5%. Also, in 2017 the number of people arrested for possession of narcotics was 759. Our goal is to reduce the overall drug abuse of people in poverty in Waco by creating a mobile educational vehicle and rehab center. We will have our vehicle go to different poverty stricken areas of the Waco community on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. To get people to come to our educational vehicle, we will offer a free meal that will come with an educational pamphlet about drug addiction and rehabilitation. The vehicle will also offer free transportation to the Second Chance Rehab Center, which we hope to have located in East Waco. We hope that this will give the people affected by drugs and poverty a second chance at a better life and future.
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Take Action:

Individual/Personal Level:

  • Volunteer at the Second Chance Rehab Center
  • Donate your time and resources to drug addiction rehabilitation centers
  • Research more about the topic of drug abuse/addiction in areas of poverty

Local Level:

  • Contact local officials to bring awareness to the issue and come up solutions
  • Get together with friends and other community members to collaborate and learn more about drug abuse/addiction in areas of poverty
  • Create advertisements to bring awareness and education to the community

State Level:

  • Contact state officials to bring funding and resources to the Second Chance Rehab Center
  • Contact other city leaders in the state to bring awareness to the issue and create a similar program in their cities
  • Create a state campaign to bring awareness to the issue

National Level:

  • Contact national leaders to inform them of the issue regarding drug addiction/abuse in areas of poverty and how they can help
  • Write newsletters to national newspapers (New York Times, Boston Globe, etc.) that brings awareness to the issue

What We Learned: