Osama Bin Laden

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Have you ever had something bad happen to you and you couldn't control it. It feels sad/depressing because you can’t do or have done anything to help prevent the sadness. Now, I am going to share with you my story and my emotions on how it felt during 9/11, the broken hearts, figuratively and physically.

So, on September 11, 2001 as almost everyone knows the twin towers were talked by a small airplane. Unfortunately, I was in one in one of the buildings, that crashed to the ground in despair. People have told me it was one of the most tragic thing they have ever seen/saw. They said, “It was like a head on car crash at 100 mph in their ear drum.” Also, it was almost like a slow-motion film, because they couldn’t believe that the building was actually gonna crash and burn to the ground.

Once the building hit the ground, all I remember was looking up and seeing black smoke and dust everywhere. Then, once i stood up concrete and glass were just scattered all over the place. Next, all i saw was the bright flashing red and yellow lights of the paramedics as they carry me off in the stretcher. Everything else to me just was a blur... I woke up in the hospital, and all my family members were around me. After all the happy celebration the doctor told me all i just had was a broken leg.

It was by far the worst thing that has ever happened to me. It still to this day gives me the chills of just thinking about it. I felt so bad because i knew this was gonna be a devastation for America but, I wanted to be able to do something. I’m not talking about being superman and stopping the plane, I just felt bad because I felt like a bystander. Just watching it happen.


As the buildings crash

shadows are risen,

people that have died

are going to heaven.

But me no, I had to survive

to suffer, this tragedy

while others, the lucky ones

are buried under concrete.

I soon realized that

being alive is the best thing

the things you’ll miss will be with you

rather than suffering or hurting.

Terrorism Essay

Almost everyone know what happened at 9/11, and who did it. But what everyone wants to know is , why? Especially what influenced him, and what America did to him to set his sights on America. Also where he was hiding, and who killed him to end his ruthlessness.

A lot of people wonder why Osama Bin Laden didn’t like America. It isn’t that he doesn’t like America just that it is apart of the Muslim Brotherhood. The brotherhood was strictly about destroying property. Also, Osama Bin Laden set his sights America because, when Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein a coalition of allies that included Saudi Arabia responded with military forces.

Another thing is what influences him to actually do 9/11. So, in the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic political group that began in Egypt which at the time promoted violated means to achieve Islamic governance. Also, at their college King Al Aziz University(about.com). His teachers there offered extra curricular Islamic lessons. They were also apart of the Muslim Brotherhood who promoted violence.

After all of those reasons and influences of why he did what he did makes sense. For example if you grew up to be good, and everyone around you were like that you would want to do that. Then, you would try to be the best and be known for what you did, is an accomplishment. That is exactly why he did, but the opposite instead of good he did bad.

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