LRMS: Half-a-Week at a Glance

December 9 - 11, 2015


Dear Radloff Family -- Thank you for a busy, crazy, wonderful to start to this final "regular" week of the semester! We are decidedly at the 11th hour at this point in the week. I do hope you each had a wonderful weekend and week's start, and are ready for all that this week holds -- basketball, beginning of finals, last-minute interventions, grading feverishly, making preparations for the closing of gradebooks -- and probably trying to squeeze in some holiday merriment and preparations with family and friends! We had an amazing concert last night -- and the crowd was clearly so pleased by the progress of the students -- thank you faculty who attended -- and THANKS to the directors for their commitment to helping these students find their way in the arts!!!! Everyone, with sickness in the air and plates so full, please take care of yourselves, wash your hands frequently, and get as much rest as possible. The end will be here before we know it! Please know how much I appreciate all of the efforts that you have exerted as we have worked to share, spread, and enrich The Radloff Way with our students this semester. There have been many challenges, but also many successes -- and I firmly believe it only the beginning of continued progress and success for our school and our students. Please know that you each make my days more Merry and Bright!!! Have a great rest of your week!!!

News You Can Use

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1) Kudos, Celebrations, and Good News:

  • Congratulations to Brandon Ruffin, who has recently become a new father!!! Please help celebrate this new arrival to his life's journey!!!
  • Congratulations to Andrei and the entire Custodial Staff for once more achieving high enough scores to achieve the Outstanding Head Custodian and Exceptional Custodial Care award (it will be given officially in May), but wanted to share the awesome news -- and just FYI, the really "up'ed" the standards this year, and our team once more excelled on these higher standards. And all of their inspections are unannounced -- so it truly is representative of being awesome day-in and day-out!!
  • Congratulations to Wayne Dail and Dawson Devitt for their amazing leadership during the first-ever K-12 Meadowcreek Cluster Vertical STEM meeting -- they made ALL of Radloff look so good! And thanks to April Mitchell and Eric Nielsen, who allowed the entire STEM Vertical team of teachers and administrators to descend (without notice) on their joint classroom PBL lesson in action. Their kids were amazing -- on point,engaged, and able to share what they were learning and why they were doing what they were doing -- it was a truly amazing experience.
  • Congratulations to the 60 students who made it to the first round of the School-wide Science Fair -- and to the 20 finalists who were selected from these! I want to give a SHOUT OUT to the many teachers who work so diligently to get students to participate in this -- it is NOT easy, but it is truly worth it to give our students this experience!!!
  • Congratulations to Angela Fleisher who's staff development session "Who Done I? A Middle School CSI Experience" has been accepted for the 2016 GSTA Conference in Stone Mountain! She will also have the CDC in the school next week, working with her students and all sorts of real-world learning about epidemiology!! SUCH great stuff happening for our kids!!

2) Testing Reminders

Please remember that District Assessment Written portions will be on Thursday and Friday. Even though students might be getting more "spirited" knowing that the holidays (and the break) are drawing nigh . . .they really need to remain focused on school and doing their best --- and decidedly, remaining quiet during transition and respectful about noise levels so as not to disturb other classes and students who might be testing!

3) Semester-End Team Plans

Teams should have these forms in to their grade level AP no later than Thursday, December 10. Also, please do NOT exclude students from these celebrations due to behavior!!! Many of them do not go home to much celebration (and some are even nervous about what their holiday "break" might hold. First five people who email "I'm still reading" in the subject line of the email to Sarah win this week. If you are having difficulty with a student (or students), please work with your AP about what consequence might be appropriate. If a team elects NOT to have a celebration, it should be a whole team decision. Please see your administrator with any questions!


Don't forget that Chris Corbitt sent out the info. on the December fire drill. Please review these processes with your students, so we can make it our best yet. All students should know what to do -- should move QUICKLY to their spots -- should remain QUIET and ORDERLY as we assess role -- and then, return QUICKLY AND QUIETLY to their classrooms when the all-clear is sounded -- let's continue to strengthen our processes and procedures for school-wide safety!!

5) Milestones Scores from Spring 2015

Be on the lookout . . .Amanda is working (from afar) on getting these pulled together for everyone. The data that will be distributed first will be the students were at Radloff LAST spring -- and it will come by their old HR teachers. It will come in email, so please make sure your sent box is cleared out and that you have plenty of room to receive these data. Also . . . do NOT forward the scores to others. You may print out reports and share with colleagues on a "need to know" basis -- it is one of your duties and responsibilities to protect student data. More details will follow -- but please know it is in the works. After it is all distributed, we will work on getting out the data for our current students. Please keep in mind that this data should NOT be shared with students and/or parents at this point -- PLEASE do not release it per directions from the district.

6) Spelling Bee is coming Friday, December 18th

Look for all the details from Brian Howe. We need EVERYONE Homeroom to participate in the bee. Please see/ask Brian if you have ANY questions!!

Louise Radloff Middle School

"Radloff READS . . .Radloff REACHES .. .and Radloff is READY!!"

Important Events of the Week

Wednesday, December 9

8:15 a.m. -- School-wide Morning Tutoring (if you have students failing who have not come in for tutoring or had other interventions, make SURE you document the parent contact for this student

9:30 a.m. -- Advisement

3:15 p.m. -- FIRE DRILL

Thursday, December 10

8:15 a.m. -- PBIS Meeting

9:30 a.m. -- ELT

DA Post-test LA/MA Written Reponse

SC/SS CATs during Planning

11:45 a.m. -- Connections meeting in SD room to discuss AAP for 2nd semester

5:00 p.m. -- Away Basketball Games vs. North Gwinnett MS (at N. Gwinnett MS)

FT -- UGA Band Festival -- selected 7th and 8th grade students

End-of-Semester Plans due to AP before you leave campus!!

Friday, December 11

FT -- UGA Band Festival -- selected 7th and 8th grade students

FT -- 8th grade Chorus to Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center

8:00 a.m. -- GUFG Academy Meeting

8:15 a.m. -- Counseling Advisory Committee -- SD room

9:30 a.m. -- ELT

GL Meetings during planning in your regular locations

11:40 a.m. -- Connections Collab Planning

Saturday, December 12

Basketball Game vs. Osborne has been POSTPONED -- see coaches for updated date!

Upcoming Events

  • Monday, December 14 - Thursday, December 17 -- District Assessments
  • Tuesday, December 15 -- 7th grade Band, Chorus, and Orchestra Concert -- 6:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday, December 16 -- Academy Awards (6:00 p.m.)
  • Friday, December 18 -- Faculty Meeting/Holiday Breakfast (8:00) --- Paloozas throughout the day during Connections time