Bronco Bulletin


January 8, 2016

Message from Administration

Awards Day

Reminder: Our only Awards Day ceremony will be in May. We are only doing year-long awards this year. If parents ask about it, please be sure they know there are NO awards ceremonies in January. Thanks!

Restrooms Update- This is long, but please read.

- In general: Please keep the same guidelines we put into place in the fall. No students go to the restroom alone. Be sure you are checking before and after your class. Students need to be signing in and out of your class to go (helps us pinpoint students in time periods during investigations), etc. Also, Angela and her team are checking the restrooms every hour on the hour. This will help us narrow down the times the bathrooms are being vandalized.

- Downstairs restroom: Whatever it is you guys are doing down there, keep it up! We have not had any major problems with those restrooms for the last 2 months. Keep your strict procedures in place and don't let up! Thank you!!!

- 4th grade hall: Problems have reduced. We know this restroom gets used by many grade levels.

- 5th grade hall: We continue to have major problems in these restrooms. ALL classes that use these restrooms must be EXTRA careful. This includes regular ed and self-contained classes. PLEASE be sure you are not sending students to the restroom without first sending a very reliable student to check (and be sure they know what they are checking for) both before and after sending pairs of students. Now that Angela's team is checking every hour, if she finds damage, I'm going to ask for your sign-out logs so I can identify all students who were in the restroom during that hour.

- All teachers: Please be sure students know they are not to go to the restrooms while in route to other places (clinic, media center, etc) without your permission. I know this is a pain, but we must be able to know who was in the bathroom and when. I hate having to worry about all this, but the damage has got to stop. The plumber has been out here replacing multiple items this year and the cost has skyrocketed! I also believe it's only 1-2 students who are causing all of the problems, so if I can figure out who that is, we can all relax and get back to what's important!! Please help me solve this!

Milestones Update

Online Testing- 3rd Grade only (including special ed)- Please do not communicate this to parents just yet. We are working on school-wide communication, but we want to be a little closer to the date.

Testing Window: April 19-29

Drafts of the detailed schedule are being developed soon.

Profile Sheet Data Due: Friday, January 15th.

New Hire: The special education preschool department has hired Dee Cone as an itinerant paraprofessional in Denise Isola's classroom to support her growing numbers. Please welcome her on Monday!


January 11..............Math Cluster Collab 2 & 3 AM, 4 & 5 PM @ GOES

January 11..............3rd Grade Skype Visit

January 12..............Math IF

January 12..............Tech Questions & Answers 3:00

January 12..............Dogwood Pizza Night

January 14..............Lit IF

January 15..............Chick-fil-A Provided by State District Rep. - 7:00 in Faculty Lounge

January 15..............Bronco Bulletin Committee Meeting - 8:30

January 15..............Profile Data Sheets Due

January 15..............2nd Grade In-House Field Trip

January 15..............Report Cards go Home

January 18..............Martin Luther King Holiday

January 19-20..............Media Center Closed for Inventory

January 19..............GKIDS Data Pull

January 19..............Fire Drill at 1:15

January 19..............Tech Tip - Assessments Web 2.0 - 3:00 in PLC Room

January 21..............Club Picture Day - New Student Picture Day

January 21..............Professional Learning

January 21..............Science Fair 6:30

January 22..............Mid-Year RBES Update Due

January 22..............100th Day of School


Students are needed to present their IRead books on Mondays and Fridays during announcements. Please give student names to Sherry for scheduling.


Congratulations to Jan Bradley. We appreciate Jan's help with breakfast in the Cafeteria every morning. She has a good rapport with the students and we truly miss her on the occasional days when she is not here.


GALAXY is Back!!!

Attendance at school is an important part of student success and achievement. Too many absences disrupt learning, not just for the absent student but for the entire classroom. Reinforcing the pride our students feel by being a part of our Gwin Oaks family every day will increase the motivation to attend school.




L-Leads to




Beginning in this month, January, grade level attendance percentages will be monitored. While occasional absences are necessary, the goal is to have every grade level increase student attendance.

Thanks to you and your continual encouragement, our students’ attendance will improve. Together we can improve your students’ attendance and his or her academic success.

Most importantly you and your grade level may “wear jeans for a week” (Dr. Burnley approved) if your grade level has the highest attendance percentage for the month.

Please make sure that you check my calendar by end of the day for updated schedule. I will be conducting Child Lures lessons and EVERY student will need to participate. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


Safari Montage

In preparation for SAFARI Montage district kick-off training, on Friday, January 8th links to SAFARI Montage will be made available on the portal to both teachers (via Teacher Resources and eCLASS C&I course pages) and students (via Additional Resources).

This is in preparation for SAFARI Montage district kick-off training for LSTCs and media specialists. Teachers will be trained soon after. TEACHERS SHOULD IGNORE THE LINKS UNTIL TRAINING.

Inform your students as you feel appropriate. Post a notice on the eCLASS C&I school landing page and/or school website. Example: A new link to SAFARI Montage is now on your MY eCLASS page. Your teacher will let you know if or when you need to use the link.

What is SAFARI Montage? Here is an overview.



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