Walter Dean Myers

"sometimes i feel like i walked into the middle of a movie"

This book is a bout a 16 year old boy who is accused of murder. Steve Harmon the teen on trial who makes his thoughts/experiences into movie. This story takes place in a court house where multiple people are on trial. Steve participated in a robbery so he could make money. Steve was a look out in a robbery that took place in December. Steve is a good kid who got good grades and never got in trouble. After he got accused of murder he had no idea who he was anymore. He is a 16 year old boy accused of murder."i take films of myself, i want to know who i am".


I choose this book because i like books that have twists in them. My favorite part of in this book is at the end when it shows that Steve Harmon wrote a movie about his experiences and feeling while the trial was going on. The story did a great job covering up the plot twist. I like this book because once you start reading you cant stop. The book pulls you in and it feels as if you are right next to Steve while the trial is going on. I rate this book 5/5 stares because how well it gets the reader involved in the book. This book would be good for middle school kids and up.
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WaletrDean Myers

The is the writer of the book Monster.
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