Louis XIV


Louis XIV "Sun King"

Henry IV started France off, followed by Louis XIII, and then Louis XIV. Louis was from the Bourbon family, and he was a devout Catholic. One of his greatest accomplishments would be that he centralized power, and he built Versailles. Versailles is a big,intricate, elaborate, and gorgeous palace. Under his rule the war of Spanish Succession came to be. Spain needed to have a new ruler, and that turned into a big fiasco. Louis improves the the government, and that is always helpful to do when you have to rule a big country. Louis had a famous or a well known statement.. He was known to have said; "I am the state." This pretty much means that he, himself is France, so whatever is good for France is good for him and vice versa.

* side note: Louis was known as the "Sun King" and had his own sun crest on everything. He believed God wanted him to be king, and if it were not so then he wouldn't be, therefore, the people needed to listen to him.