Teal Team Times

Vol 11

Mrs. Crouse's Room

Language Arts

Vocab and spelling is a little different this week. The packet is due next Monday, the day of the next vocab/spelling test. We will still work with both meaning and spelling. We are starting to work with inferencing in class. We will continue to emphasize stopping to think while we read and continue to look at finding “evidence” of our thinking in our reading.

Please continue to check the Edmodo planner, as assignments and homework will be listed there.

Social Studies

We are finishing our colony projects…they will be due at the end of the week. We will have worked on it most of last week and this week in class, so it should not need to come home to be finished. We will be moving on to the causes of the American Revolution.

Mr. Gottleber's Room


Easy as pie... This week we will continue to learn about adding and subtracting fractions. Your child may come home craving various foods used as examples (pizza, pie, hershey bars, etc.). We will end this unit with one project of the students choosing to show their understanding of fractions.


The coming week sounds great! This is due to us starting on .... you guessed it, SOUND! Students kept their cool through our time learning about heat. We will wrap up Tuesday and jump right into light and sound.

On a side note, THANK YOU for the supplies Friday. Students enjoyed applying their understanding of thermal radiation to a real life example.