K12 Computer Performance Issues

Newly released support from www.help.k12.com

Families have been reporting slowness of programs and performance on K12 computers.

This can be presented by any of the following issues on a K12 computer:

  • Blue screens / White screens / Black screens
  • Slowness
  • Freezing
  • Your computer kicking you out of CC sessions/OLS lessons
  • Sound Issues.
They have found that updating to Windows Update feature 21H2 is alleviating most issues.

Below is a video and the written instructions to resolve this issue.


Step One: Before running the updates:

  1. Completely shut down your computer.
  2. Make sure that the power cable is plugged into your computer, as well as a working power source.
  3. We recommend that you use an ethernet cord to connect the computer directly into the router.
  4. Turn the computer back on.
  5. After the computer fully boots up, ensure that no other programs are running on the computer by checking the Task Manager.
  6. To check the Task Manager:
  • In the search bar type in Task Manager.
  • Once opened, look for any programs that are staying idle and that are taking up a lot of the CPU Usage.
  • To close a program, right-click on the program and select End Task.

Step Two: Check for Windows Updates

  1. Go into the Start Menu
  2. Select Settings
  3. Click on Update & Security
  4. Click on Check for Updates (Be sure to select the option for Optional Updates).
  • Perform any Updates that are available.
  • Please make sure that the latest Window Update version 21H2 is installed.

If you are experiencing a slow update, please make sure that your computer is Ethernet connected.

Here are a few Additional tips

  1. If your computer is not updating, please restart your computer. Sometimes 1 to 3 restarts are needed.
  2. If the computer is still unable to Update. Please leave your computer running overnight.
  • Stride K12 will push automatic updates overnight.
  • Make sure you leave your computer plugged in so that it does not go to sleep.
  1. Please perform a restart after leaving your computer on overnight, to ensure everything is running properly.

Follow up with your CFA

If the issue is still not resolved, the next step is to please contact our Customer Care and Technical Support.

OVCA Families, if you call customer care and the wait time is too long or you enter your contact info and are not called back in 24-48 hours. Please contact your CFA to escalate!

Your CFA team is here to help you connect with tech support when you are experiencing problems. Reach out and let us know you are needing help.

After the update:

make sure that you restart your computer to ensure everything is running properly.
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