No Animal Labs

By:Hannah Williams

Why lab testing is harmful

All people like some sort of animal, right? Well, if you like the following then you should vote against this dogs, cats, mice and monkeys all get tested on. Only because, we are selfish and we don't wanna try it our self we make poorless animals that can't help them self but suffer. Animal also save life and skin damage. Wait save lives? Yes, so that means animals basically die from products that we don't even need its a want. So your favorite animals are dying or suffering for your wants. So please vote no for lab testing on poor helpless animals

Pros and cons for lab testing

Yes pros and cons. There might be a lot of cons but I bet there are some pros.

There is no adequate alternative to testing on a living, whole- body system, right? Well, that's suppose to sound good? It's not a good thing they are trying to tell you there is no choice because there is nothing else to get tested on. How about this pro animals are appropriate research subjects because they are very similar to humans. That's good, don't you think? There are a lot of great things for this, like if humans are going to get hurt aniamls have similarities with humans meaning like if they get sick from it we are going to to get sick. Which means that if they die from it then we will die. So as you already probably noticed that almost all the pros is just sugar coating the cons. So please vote no for lab testing on these beautiful animals.

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