Sheldon Update

September 19, 2022

Welcome from Mrs. Tanner

Dear Sheldon Families,

Happy Monday! It will be a busy week of learning! Temperatures are expected to be high most of the week. We do not go outside if the heat index is 100 degrees or higher.

Families of OT students, the car line is a RIGHT TURN ONLY out of our parking lot. Additionally, please don't park along the fence line on Sena St., this creates a very tight squeeze as cars turn right out of the parking lot, risking damage to your vehicle. Thank you for your immediate attention to this.

Click the link to access the 2022-2023 Family Handbook.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to me!

Thank you for the privilege of serving you ~

Mrs. Gabrielle Tanner, Principal

Upcoming Events

September Events

September 21: Family Fun Fitness Night @ Hummer Sports Park @ 5:30-7:00

September 27: Outdoor Health & Math Night @ 5:30-6:30

We will conduct Health Screenings and practice a Tornado Drill this month as well.

You can find all school events listed on our school calendar which you can access on our webpage.

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Items That Need Your Attention

ASQ Parent Reports

As part of Home Visits, each family completed the ASQ3 and ASQSE2 developmental screeners. As results were received, a parent report was generated which gives more information and some easy-to-use strategies that you can use at home to support your child's development. You will receive your parent report in your child's Friday Folder in the coming weeks. Please reach out to your child's teacher if you have any questions after you receive this report.

If you have not yet completed the ASQ screeners, please do so as soon as possible! This is a requirement for our program. You may access the screeners to complete digitally with the links below.



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Time to Eat!

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Here Comes the Bus

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Policy & Procedure Review

Medical/Dental Emergency

Each week the Sheldon staff reviews one of our Head Start Policies & Procedures and felt it was important that families stay up to date on these as well. This quarter our focus is on Health & Safety, and Nutrition. If you ever have any questions regarding our policies and procedures, please reach out!

Medical/Dental Emergency


The program establishes and implements policies and procedures to respond to emergency situations of which all staff are familiar and trained. This policy relates to Head Start Performance Standards 45 CFR Part 1302.47


1. Management and direct service staff will develop separate plans of action for rapid response to medical and dental emergencies that may occur in the classroom, on field trips, or on a Head Start bus.

2. All staff working with children will be First Aid and C.P.R. certified.

3. Medical and dental emergency procedures will be maintained in one designated place and be readily accessible to staff.

4. There must be a sign in the classroom indicating the location of the first aid kit and the nearest telephone.

5. Telephone numbers for 911, TPS police, Topeka Police Department, Poison Control Center, and DCF are posted near the telephone.

6. Consent for medical/dental emergency treatment is maintained on each child.

7. Methods for contacting the parent in the event of an emergency involving their child are established.

8. All medical and/or dental emergencies will be recorded on an incident report form. Serious injuries requiring a child to be sent home or to a medical provider must be reported.

9. In case of an emergency where the child has to go to the hospital and the parent is not able to take them, a staff member will accompany the child and stay with them until a parent or someone listed on the emergency contact list gets there.

Informational Items


For the convenience of students and staff, the district will begin offering two (2) over-the-counter COVID-19 tests to each student and staff member, upon request. Please contact Nurse Andrea Ferrell to make a request. You can reach her by email at or by calling the school office.

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Home Depot Workshops

Each month, Home Depot offers a fun workshop for kids! Show up toward the beginning of the session to ensure there are enough materials for your child. Children must be present to receive a kit. They get to keep their project, receive a free certificate of achievement, a workshop apron, and a commemorative pin (while supplies last). Can't make it to Home Depot for the kids' workshop? Why not bring the party home! Here are just a few of the ready to assemble kits you can buy and build at home. also offers great kids' activities, videos, and how-to's!

Workshops take place the first Saturday of each month from 9:00-12:00.

October 1: Fire Rescue Boat

November 5: Scarecrow Napkin Holder

COVID Protocols

Please be sure to review both the COVID Update and the information on the Parent Resources page for the latest information from the CDC. Masks are encouraged, but not required. We will maintain strict sanitation protocols.

Late Start

Late Start is on FRIDAYS for this school year and the arival time will be at 10:15.

Academic Calendar

You can find the 2022-2023 Academic Calendar HERE.

Family Resources

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Sheldon Food & Clothing Bank

The Sheldon Food & Clothing Bank is up and running! If your family has any needs, reach out to your Family Advocate or call 785-438-4530.

Community Resources Council Directory

You can find the link to the 2021 Community Resources Council Resource Directory here. This directory provides contact information for a variety of community resources.

If in need of resources, you can also contact the United Way by dialing 211.

Food Pantry Lists

See the following links for Food Pantry resources available to families.

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