Changing Careers

Alyssa Hall

What Exactly Is This About?

This brochure is going to give you all the tips you'll need to know if you are thinking about changing jobs or careers for example, a teacher. This process is probably stressful, so maybe these tips will take some of the weight off of your shoulders.

Considering a Change: Exploring Your Options

  • Avoid getting trapped in the passion puzzle. Even if your past job was something you dreaming about throughout your childhood, there has to be a reason for leaving because if it was actually the perfect job for you, you'd stay and enjoy yourself. Maybe that job doesn't pay enough or doesn't have the right environment for you, but you still want to stay due to it being a "dream job". Don't get stuck in all that, find the job that will give you the best of the best for you, even with a little bit of enjoyment. Make sure the job covers the things that matter, not just a fantasy.
  • That job opportunity you are looking for might not come straight to you in an instant. You might have to work yourself up to it, maybe to even discover it. To get pay you might have to take on a few jobs before you find the dream one. Those little jobs could uncover something great for your future! Baby steps, baby steps!

Developing a Plan: Mapping Your Moves

  • Make sure you are mentally and financially fit. You can't walk out of a job without having the right amount of money in your savings account to get you by until you find that next position. The whole process is stressful and it takes a toll on your mind, so if you are mentally fit, it'll be easier on you throughout this tough time. You should have at least six months of pay in your savings account in case anything tragic happens.
  • If you are getting overwhelmed with your long-term goals, start setting smaller and shorter ones. It might look impossible to achieve something if it is so far away. You can't leap and make it in one try, you have to take baby steps to get where you need to be.
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Making the Change: No Burning Bridges

  • Build relationships with people, either loved ones or your employer you are leaving. Don't leave and talk bad about your past boss or co-workers because if you go to apply for a job and the potential employer calls that business, they will be saying everything but good reviews about you. If you have good relationships with people around you, they will help with your happiness through it all and keep you in a good mood to keep going.
  • Be prepared for setbacks, don't get all upset if something goes wrong. Don't get angry with a certain individual or a business. It will all get better in the end so get help and get headstrong before blowing up and maybe ruining everything.

Beginning the New Journey: Showcasing Your Experiences

  • Research different fields of employment. Don't walk into something random being blind. Know your skills and what you can contribute to a business. If you end up getting and interview and you have to do a role play, that's your chance to shine. Show off what you can do and turn your negatives into a positive. Make sure you know what you are doing going into a new job. If you have no clue what to do, that's what this, individuals with experience, and Google is for!
  • If you find that one career that sounds great for you, before you jump into it, get a mentor! Someone who is experience in that field and knows all the skills that are required is great to have by your side. Instead of learning yourself, be taught by a master! Ask around to people you know and see if he or she knows anyone that works in that certain job!