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Article 1: risky laser hair removal

In the recent years, laser hair-removal has become immensely popular; however, there are many risks that people are not aware of. When performed improperly, there are severe burns, disfiguring injuries and in some conditions, it can cause death. One doctor said that not a week goes by without receiving complaints from patients who receive laser hair removal treatment. The author is trying to state how dangerous laser hair removal can be. The intended audience can be both males and females who are considering on receiving laser hair removal treatment. The author portrays many scientific facts and proves how dangerous and risky this surgery may be. In many aspects, I agree with that the author is trying to indicate. People, who are considering laser hair removal surgery, should do in depth research about the possible side effects and to go see right medical doctors who are actually licensed for this specific treatment. I admire the way this article was written. The author adds all scientific facts rather than just opinions so the information is really reliable. In our news magazine, it would most likely be located in Life or Science Magazine.

Article 2: How cold is too cold? (1st LONGFORM)


This article was written about the harsh weather conditions. How cold is too cold? How cold does it have to get to harm one person?

Every human on Earth have different body heat temperature and how their body perishes from cold. No one can actually predict how quickly one may receive hypothermia. It differs from one person to another. The author's objective is to portray how harmful and dangerous the cold can be. The intended audience would be the people who are living in cold harsh weather conditions. In terms of this article, I agree with the author's message. People from all over the world live in different weather conditions. Some may be stuck with winter 24/7 or the another way around. Overall, this article was well-written but the author seems to lack facts. There are more stories rather than proof scientific facts that one could rely on. This article would mainly be located in Life magazine.

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ARTICLE 3: Chinese parents can have a second children!

China used to have a one-child policy which was brought in to limit the growth of the world's most populous country, which has 1.35 billon inhabitants; however, the Chinese government has changed the child policy to permit a second child as long as the parent of the child is an only child. China's population is constantly growing but this policy will it reduce the amount of abortion and more freedom; however, one extra child could lead to major financial difficulties so Chinese parents need to think twice. Unlike other Asia countries, China has strict rules to limit population.

In my perspective, this article was very well written. The author's objective is to provide full information about the new policy and the cause and effect of this policy. This article includes a few interview questions and answers from the people in China as well as facts to support its data. The author states that even those this new policy is passed, Chinese people should not rush for their second child. The parents should make sure they are not in a financial trouble so that they can fully support their second child. The intended audience is probably to those who plan on living in China or overseas Chinese people. This would be mainly located in our international economics section in World News magazine.

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article 4: For South Korea's old, a return to poverty as Confucian filial piety weakens

In South Korea, many elderly live in crumbling hillside collecting garbage, cardboard, and paper to trash yards where they can receive a few bucks. Ever since 2000, South Korea’s elderly the suicidal death rate has tripled. “Over the past 15 years, the percentage of children who think they should look after their parents has shrunk from 90 percent to 37 percent, according to government poll” (Harlan). Many of these elders suffer through loneliness and lack of food.

The author’s objective is to show how the elders in South Korea are living. The intended audiences could possibly for those who are an overseas Korean. I like the way this article was written- The author’s writing focuses on the unfortunate life of the elders suffer in South Korea. The author includes factual information as well as interviewing some of these elders. This article would mainly be located in Life/international section/magazine.

ARTICLE 5: When will facebook go out of fame?

A group of student from Princeton University predicted that Facebook will lose 80% of its users by 2017. This research project was based on epidemiological (The branch of medicine that deals with the study of the causes, distribution, and control of disease in populations) models. A data proves at Facebook has already reached the "peak" of acceptance curve. From here, they will continue to remain constant or decline. Facebook has admitted that younger users are abandoning Facebook for other social platforms.

The intended audience would be towards those people who use social media websites such as Facebook. The author is trying to indicate that Facebook will run out of fame in a few years. The author's point of view is not biased in any way due to the fact that it was written merely based on the studies done by the Princeton students. I personally do not agree with this article. They have no true scientific facts to truly support this research. If one thing could be changed, I prefer adding more factual information for reliability. This article would be mainly located on our Science Magazine.

article 6: the impact of plastic surgery

Han Kang in the article, “In South Korea, It’s part of Doing Business” (2013), argues that people in Korea are surrounded by the unrealistic definition of “beauty” that the media portrays which causes them to take plastic surgery to receive acceptance for their society. Kang supports her argument by stating that the “proportion of Koreans who have plastic surgery has increased to 13.5 out of every 1,000 people, making it the highest in the world” (23).

The author is trying to indicate a point out that countless amounts of South Koreans are transforming their faces in order to receive a higher chance of employment, confidence, and to become the media’s definition of “beauty.” The author portrays a formal relationship with her audience of the South Korean community who are wondering about the current happenings about Korea and how much surgery impacts their lives.

The author did a good job by stating facts, opinions, and interviews of South Koreans. There were many perspectives and datas to support the article so there isn't anything I would change about how the article was written. This would mainly be located in International/health news.

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article 7: olympics Figure skating controversy

This year, the olympics was taken in Sochi, Russia and ironically, a Russian figure skater Adelina Sotnikova won the golden metal over Yuna Kim who currently has the world record for figure skating. Yuna Kim received the highest score the first time around but then got turned down by the second showcase during her freestyle performance. Many say that the reason why Kim's score was so low is because of the judges. One of the judges was suspended for trying to fix an event and another judge was the wife of the former Russian Figure Skating Federation President. There is also a suspicious picture of Adelina giving a hug towards one of the judges.

The author's audience is towards the people from all around the world due to the fact that the Sochi Olympics is a world-wide winter game. The author is trying to indicate that many audience feel that this was an unfair game due to the biased judges. I personally do agree that this controversy is biased. Yuna Kim did perform the best, if not a better performance than Sotnikova. This article was full of correct information and facts but would have been better if there were more history facts about Yuna Kim and Adelina. This article would mainly be located in sports.

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Article 8: Jeremy Scott Debuts at Moschino

Jeremy Scott, a famous American fashion designer debuts at Moschino. "The Moschino collection he showed was cartoonish and candied, an unrepentant sendup of itself" (Schneier). Scott states that humor is an essential ingredient for his collection. His fashion runway clothing items included Golden Arches, McDonald's happy meal handbag, Spongebob Square pants dresses, potato-chip bags, beer cans, and even chocolate bars. Not everyone was trilled by his newest collection. Many editors and social media reaction portrayed criticism.

The author's audience would be towards all fashion leaders and followers who are interested in the world of fashion. The author is trying to indicate that Jeremy Scott's newest collection did not meet the expectations that his audiences were expecting. This article would be mainly located in fashion magazines.

I believe that this article was well written. It included full information about the collection that Jeremy Scott showcased, reaction of the audiences, and how Scott feels about the collection he portrayed. I personally think that clothes are a way of expressing yourself and Scott shows a sense of avant garde that I respect.

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article 9: justin bieber's career going downhill

Justin Bieber turns himself in to the police by admitting the fact he did drugs. "Yeah, we were smoking all night at the studio," the singer told a police officer who told him he "reeked of marijuana,” says Bieber. According to the police, Bieber was excited, talkative, insulting, and cocky. His pupils were dilated and eye bloodshot. He was also accused of hitting him limousine driver in Toronto a month ago. During late January, he was arrested for suspicion of DUI. Detectives will probably meet again with prosecutors in the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office next week, to make final decisions about Bieber.

The intended audience is towards all young American fans of Justin Bieber. The author portrays a negative point of view towards Justin Bieber by pointing out all the crimes he committed. I agree the author's point of view because if an average person committed these crimes, they would be sent to jail and or have their visa taken but Justin Bieber tends to escape his problems easily just by the fact that he has a lot of money. The overall article was filled with current news and facts about Justin Bieber. This would mainly be located in current celebrity and entertainment news (People magazine).

article 10: Switching schools linked with mental health problems in kids

"Kids who frequently change schools are more likely to hear voices, have delusions and experience other symptoms linked with psychosis in adolescence, new research suggests" (Ghose). A study states that a children who switched school more than three times is 60 percent likely to receive symptoms for mental health issues. For young students, it's possible to feel like an outsider from moving schools frequently. The researchers tested this idea using a huge dataset, known as the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children.

The intended audience is towards all parents who have children that go to school. Stylistically, it would have been more pleasing to read if there were interviews of parents who actually dealt with this issue. This would mainly be located in the health issue. The author is trying to state an argument by saying that switching schools lead to mental health issues for young children. I agree with the author's point of view, because he did a good job by supporting his article with various datas, studies, and facts. Although, there were many datas and studies that supported this article,

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Article 11: Four Dead After Fire Destroys Motel on Jersey Shore

A fire swept through a popular motel on the Jersey Shore just two blocks away from the beach. The flames are so intense that the firefighters had to break through the windows to save the people who were locked inside. Many were wounded and four people have died. As the fire burned, the roof collapsed and the manager's office was destroyed. The author is trying to objective is to state the unfortunate issue that was caused on the Jersey Shore. The intended audience would be mainly towards the citizens who live on the Jersey Shore or people who are planning on going to a vacation there. Stylistically, the article was nicely written. This article would be mainly located in the region section.

article 12: Georgetown student charged with possession of ricin

Daniel Milzman, a student from Georgetown University has been charged for holding powerful toxin ricin. Friends described Milzman as a bright student who was a national merit semifinalist in high school and was part of a group called the Secular Student Alliance. The intended audience is towards all Georgetown students and students who will be attending Georgetown soon. The author is trying accomplish a bitter tone towards Milzman. I do agree with the author's point because Milzman can possibly ruin his whole future due to one small incident that he would have prevented from happening. This article is written with full information and different perspectives from Milzman's friends. This would mainly be looted in Education/Local.
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article 13:Kids who don't cry: New genetic disorder discovered

The Human Genome Project identified a new genetic disorder. In one of the studies, Grace Wilsey, a newborn daughter of the Eilsey's family, showed several unusually symptoms. Wilsey's parents went to go see over 100 doctors, but none of them knew what was exactly wrong with Grace. Grace was not able to produce tears. Grace was born with NGLY1 deficiency, which is caused by two mutations in the NGLY1 gene. The author is trying to indicate that new genes and disorders are constantly being produced and that one can never expect the unexpected. The author portrays several perspectives of Grace's family, doctors, and data to support his point of view. The intended audience is towards all parents who have a child(s). Which is one of the reason why it is written very structurally. This article would mainly be located in the Health/Science section.

article 14: animals that are eaten live

There are all kinds of food in the world, however nowadays, many animals are eaten live. These animals consists of ants, frog sashmi, shrimps, etc. The article states that eating these kinds of foods are not technicality for citizens in the US, but in many other cultures, it is normal to eat live animals. The intended audience is towards citizens who are interested in different cultures and trying new foods. The author speaks in a tone full of unfamiliarity and uniqueness. If one thing could be changed about this article, the author should have done deeper research on how and which type of countries enjoy these foods and why, and possibly interviews from these cultures. But other than that, the structure of the article is well-written. I like the fact how the author wrote separate paragraphs for each of the foods. This article would be mainly located in Lifestyle/Culture.

article 15: Man develops rare reaction to a spider bite

66-year-old man got bitten by a spider , and developed pinhead-sized bumps on his forearms. The bumps spread to cover most of his body, and the doctors diagnosed him with a condition called acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis. The doctors states that this is a rare reaction and it is one of the first syndromes found. The author’s intended audience is towards people who may cause severe allergic reactions easily. The overall article was well-written. I like the fact that the author described the syndrome, 5 W’s, and a catchy lead paragraph. The author is trying to accomplish the point that even the smallest insects can cause severe syndromes. There is nothing to agree or disagree on this topic because everything that was written in this article had data to support its facts. This article would mainly be located in health.

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article: 16 South Korean president apologizes for response to ferry sinking

In South Korea, one of the biggest boat, ferry, sunk while carrying over 400 people on April 16. The boat exceeded the weight limit which caused the boat to sink. Less than 200 people were saved and the 205 were found dead and 97 are missing until today; No one was rescued after the boat sunk. Most of the people in the boat were high school students on their way to a field trip. Students' parents are devastated due to the fact that their son/daughter is barely recognizable due to such swollen bodies. This is currently the biggest controversy in Korea because the captain of the boat told the people in the boat to stay seated and not to move when the boat was clearly sinking and yet, he was the first person to escape from the sinking boat.

The South Korean president, apologized to the citizens of Korea for this tragedy. The author is trying to accomplish a tragic, unfortunate point of view. The intended audience would be mainly towards the South Korean folks. Stylistically, there isn't anything I would change about the article because it includes reliable facts and it is not biased. This article would mainly be in the international/world news.

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article 17: What Michael did (2nd longform)

Michael Stewart, a young male is currently diagnosed with schizophrenia. It was a severe psychotic state, where he creates fake delusions and hallucinations which had haunted him for years. his behavior was driven by command hallucinations, imaginary voices that were giving him instructions. One day, Michael called 911 and told an operator he’d killed his mom. Police found him lying on the living room couch.

The author portrays an unfortunate life that Michael is current enduring. Due to the fact that he is diagnosed with schizophrenia, he causes terrible incidents that he truly doesn't even want to cause. The intended audience would be towards all parent who have children that are mentally ill.

Over the past 12 years, Michael’s health has been up and down, but lately he has been showing notable progress. Even when Michael was okay to leave the hospital, he commanded that he had to be in the hospital. He shows a sense of responsibility. Stylistically, I believe the article is well-written because it shows a full time line of Michael's life story- beginning to current. The article is filled with facts and information. This would mainly be located in the "health" section in our article.

article 18: about marriage (3rd longform)

This article is about a female who got proposed by her boyfriend. But her dilemma is whether to commit to marriage or not. Although she truly loves her boyfriend, she believes that marriage is a big deal. She no longer is “hers” anymore and she would have to commit to many things. She begun to feel uncomfortable and started doubting herself as a wife. The article is written by herself, and she portrays a sense of discouragement as a 'future' wife. The intended audience would be towards all females who are planning on getting married. I disagree with the author because she exclaims and she loves her husband and is willing to spend the rest of her life; however, she does not have the confidence to commit to marring. I disagree because she sounds as if she is not ready to get married. There is nothing I would want to change about his article because it is biased and everything is in her point of view, which is all her opinion. This would mainly be located in the "society" section where people write their own stories.

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article 19: Life of a photographer (4th Longform)

Garry Winogrand,is a constant photographer who takes hundreds and hundreds of photos each day. When he died in 1984 due to cancer, he left more than half a million photos which were unedited. He had pictures of all kinds, nature, relationship, animals, and just every day actions. Winogrand’s 300,000 photographs is recognized as an attempt to test the limits of streets photography. This article/ the author's objective is to mainly talk about Winogrand’s achievements and his talent in photograph. The intended audience could be towards all people who are interested in film and photography. I agree with the author's point of view because in my opinion, I believe Winogrand was a very dedicated person towards his love for photography. He has been taking photos ever since his death which shows how passionate he is. If there is one thin I could change about this article is to add more background life history about Winogrand. The article was full of his photograph achievements. This article would be mainly located in "people" "film" "history" section.

article 20: Miley Cyrus and her point of view (5th longform)

Miley Cyrus is one of the most well-known artists out there in the public. Miley Cyrus first made her debut on Disney Channel during her senior year of high school. Years later, she is now making her own music which brings a bit of controversy to the public. In the article, an interviewer named Tavi Gevinson, spoke to Miley Cyrus. Due to the fact that her "Disney" character was so strong, she receives constant amount of hates through the media; however, Cyrus states that she does not care what the audience thinks of her because she does music to express who she is and not to impress the audiences.

The author in this article is the person who had this interview with Miley Cyrus. The author portrays Cyrus's point of view and her life story. The intended audience would be mainly towards anonymous who secretly hate on Miley Cyrus. The overall article portrays a positive point of view because Miley Cyrus conveys confidence about herself. I respect the day this article was written because I do believe that Miley Cyrus should not be hated on for doing something she likes. This would mainly fit into "entertainment" section in our magazine.