Before the Revolutionary War

By Ryan Schroeder


Have you ever heard about the Revolutionary War? If you have, I bet you don't know how it happened or why. A lot of people wonder why did it happen or how did it happen and in this short paper I will tell you about John and Samuel Adams, The Boston Massacre, The Sugar Act, Boycotts, and also the Daughters of Liberty

There was a couple main people in this time period. There names were John and Samuel Adams

John Adams

John Adams was a lawyer. A lawyer doesn't sound like it could make a big part in the making of our nation but he was. When the British soldiers shot down protestors and got in trouble for manslaughter John Adams was the one lawyer that helped them and helped them get out of it. He became a president in 1769, he was one of the quietest presidents there was. He was a person who liked to use the law on his side. He was one of the main people around at this time because he had a big part leading into the war.

Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams was also one of the biggest people of this time. As a leader of the Sons of liberty he lead the colonist. He was born as a leader and died as a leader. When the British brought over 1,000 more soldiers because of the protestors he yelled at the soldiers "We will destroy destroy every soldier that dare put his foot on shore... I look upon them as foreign enemies." That made the Soldiers a little nervous but didn't stop them from coming on the colonist land. Since this happened he got 12 out of the 13 colonies to unite against the British policy and taxation. That is what made British get nervous and send a lot more troops to the new land. So overall Samuel was a big part in the start of The Revolutionary War.

Big Events

Sugar Act

The Sugar Act was a huge part in the starting up of the Revolutionary War. It was a time when money was very hard to get it. When colonist realized that they were being cheated by British they stopped buying from them. That made the colonies really poor and that also brought up the taxes for the colonies. They stopped trading and buying things from the British because the British was ripping them off and plus they were losing so much money. And since they were losing so much money it made it hard to pay their army and there taxes back to England.

Boston Massacre

The Boston Massacre was a rough time in the making of our Nation. On the day March 5th 1770, There was a patriot mob that was throwing rocks, snow balls and other items at the British soldiers. It made the soldiers worried that they were going to get attacked so they opened fire and killed about 5 colonists and injured 3. There was a big meeting about 1 to 2 weeks later, in the meeting the colonist decided to let go the soldiers but charge them for manslaughter. After they let the soldiers go the British brought over about 1000 more soldiers just in case something else happened. And that lead into The Boston Tea Party.

The Boycotts

The Boycotts were a big part in the fight with the colonies and England. A good chunk of the people who lived in the colonies were poor. They became poor because England was ripping them off. The colonies would gather a bunch of materials and then send it over to England to get made into products. This trading way made the colonies poor because they were losing money on this. So they decided to stop trading with England. This means that they were not getting all the stuff they needed. That impacted the people and the army. With this the taxes had to go up, just to support the army and other needs. And that made the people more poor.

Daughters of Liberty

The Daughters of Liberty was mostly a protesting groups. It was a group made up of all women who demanded power. They made such a big group that the British felt threatened so they brought more troops. Since they called on more troops the leader of the Sons of Liberty yelled "We will destroy every soldier that dare put his foot on shore, I look upon you as foreign enemies!" Since he yelled that, it made the Daughters of Liberty and the Sons of Liberty protest even harder to make sure they get into the British's head. That didn't change the British's mind so they brought over more troops and started the Boston Tea Party.


This was a huge part of the making of the United States of America. These were some of the big parts in the making of our Nation. Not all of the parts but most. From John and Samuel Adams and the Sugar Acts and the Boston Massacre to the Boycotts and the Daughters of Liberty. All of these things happened for a reason. And that reason was to get away from the British and become a free country.


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