Ozaukee Elementary Update

September 4, 2020

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There is a lot of new & important information included in this Smore. Please take the time to read it and also discuss things with your child/children.

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Click above to view OES procedures for welcoming students back to school.

OES School Reopening Information (Spanish)

Click above to view OES procedures for welcoming students back to school. (Spanish version)

Early Pick Up & Late Drop-Off Procedures

If your child will be arriving to school late or you are picking up early, please notify us.

You may come in our lobby and sign your child in. If your child is old enough to get in the doors by themselves, notify us the same way and we can help them sign in.

If you are picking up early - you can sign your child out in the lobby. We can make sure your child is here waiting or call for them if need be. Please remember to park in the parking lot and come in to the OES Lobby. Please do not park in the drop-off zone in front of school.


Thank you to all for your cooperation & patience with the new procedures. Things are running much more smoothly!

Both cars & buses will be using the front parking lot area driveway & curbside drop-off areas for OES students.

Please watch the video.

Arrival Procedures:

  • Please do not arrive early! Supervision & student drop-off time begins at 8:25 AM. Vehicles should not be lined up prior to that time. Follow directions on posted signs.
  • Cars stay to the right of the approach/drop-off lane. Yield to buses moving into the left lane as they approach the elementary parking lot area near the sign that says "Student Drop" and "OHS-District offices". (see photo below)
  • NO stopping of cars on the curve at the end of the driveway along 57 as you approach the OES building (to allow for buses to make the turn).
  • Students ready: coat on, mask on, backpack closed & ready to exit vehicle
  • Students exit on right side of vehicle curbside (not into traffic). *Please move car seat/booster seat to the right side of vehicle if possible.
  • Driver pulls up tight to the curb to allow for easy exit for student and for safety of cars/buses in left lane.
  • Only the student should be exiting the car (unless needing assistance out of a car seat buckle or harness) to allow for quicker departure.
  • Approximately 8-10 cars are able to pull up tight to the curb along the side of OES for dropping off students (and also picking up in PM).
  • OES Staff will be positioned outside to assist & direct students:
  1. car students use the sidewalk leading directly to the OES doors
  2. bus students use the sidewalk leading up to the middle school doors & then over to OES doors up by the building
  3. any car or bus students who will be having school breakfast enter the cafeteria doors in the front corner of the building (a staff member will be there with a sign)
  • Watch for other cars & buses as you pull away from the curb to exit and travel in the left lane.
  • The buses will be parking along the front sidewalk (for both arrival & dismissal). The first bus will be pulling up all the way to the flagpole by the high school. The last bus will be positioned just beyond the handicapped parking lot (leaving space for cars to access handicapped parking lot). OES staff will unload students from 1 bus at a time.
  • Yield to buses!
  • All students enter the building starting at 8:25 AM. Students who bike or walk to school should not be arriving prior to 8:25 AM. (*Some students have been arriving 10 minutes early this week. Supervision begins at 8:25 AM).

Dismissal Procedures:

  • Please do not arrive early! Supervision & student pick-up time begins at 3:40 PM. The 4K & 5K students pack up a few minutes earlier at 3:30 PM in order to get to their areas on time. ALL STUDENTS DISMISS AT 3:40 PM. *Wednesday Early Release Dismissal is at 2:50 PM. Vehicles should not be lined up prior to that time. Vehicles parked in that lane will be asked to park in the lot or circle the parking lot until dismissal time (similar to airport procedures).
  • Students waiting for car pick-up are lined up by grade level (older siblings line up with the younger siblings' grade). OES Staff on duty is equipped with walkie-talkies. As cars pull up in the pick-up lane, the staff members see the family name sign (see info below in the next section) displayed in the window. They call into the school and the student/s come out quickly and get into their car.
  • Watch for other cars & buses as you pull away from the curb to exit and travel in the left lane.
  • Students waiting for buses are lined up in the OES front hallways. OES Staff on duty is equipped with walkie-talkies. As buses pull up in the bus lane, the staff members see the bus number. They call into the school and the students for that bus come out quickly and load onto the bus. When all buses are loaded, they line of buses pull away from the curb and exit the parking lot.
  • Yield to buses!

These new procedures have been practiced with cars, buses, staff, and student volunteers. Please do your part to read these directions and watch the video. Be patient and courteous of others in the parking lot. Thank you.

OES Arrival Procedures
OES Dismissal procedures

Bus Information

Please call Michelle in the OES office if a change ever needs to be made.

*Instructions & reminders from the bus company:

  • Students ages 5+ wear a mask on the bus.
  • Students follow seating chart: younger students sit in the front; siblings sit together; students are arranged according to bus stops
  • **Be on time for bus pick-up...buses are running a tight schedule. If your child misses the bus, the bus must complete its run and drop-off all other students at school. Call the bus company and they will advise you if a bus is able to come back for your child or if you need to provide transportation. If this happens frequently, you will be contacted by the bus company.
  • **There will not be bus passes issued for students to ride another route or get dropped off at another stop.
All of these instructions to help to keep our students safe and to help the buses to run efficiently.

Important information to receive a family name vehicle sign for OES dismissal time

Starting in the 2020-21 school year, all families who choose to pick up their child(ren) from OES at dismissal time will be required to show a district-issued pick-up pass. Families will show the pass and your child(ren) will be released to your car.

Every family will receive 2 passes. Families will need to show this pass upon arrival. If you do not have your pass for whatever reason, you will need to call the OES office to have your child(ren) released from school.

Official district-issued passes can be requested here: (click here for form) and a temporary pass will then be emailed to you to print off and use at pick up until the official pass is printed and sent home with your student.

Please keep the pass in your vehicle.

Thank you and we look forward to a safe and successful 2020-21 school year.

Dates for your Calendar

September 7- Labor Day/No School

September 11- Patriot Day: wear red, white, blue spirit day

September 14 - Student Pictures Taken

October 9 - No School Day for Staff and Students

October 29 - Term 1 Ends

October 30 - No School Students Records day

OES Start and End Times:


8:35 - 3:40 - OES

Early Release (Wednesdays) starting on Sept. 2nd

8:35 - 2:50 - OES

Important Information from Lori Loof - District Nurse

State of WI Mandate Communication Letter for Parents/Guardians

Accomodation Request Form

Return the completed form to the District Office

DHS Health Screening Checklist

Checklist to be utilized by guardians and school personnel

NOSD District Reopening Information

Click above for information

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Recess Equipment Donation Request!

Every year, we need to replenish our well-used recess equipment. This year is no exception and we could use a few more items so that students are able to play in smaller groups at recess. Can you help by purchasing & donating recess equipment for the school? Donations can include: kickballs, 4-square balls, soft footballs, basketballs, jump ropes, hacky sacks/footbags, koosh balls. These could be purchased at stores such as Target, WalMart, Dick's Sporting Goods, Dunhams, Meijer, etc. Please send donations in a bag labeled with the family's last name. Donations will be shared to classrooms throughout OES. Thank you!
Ozaukee Spirt Wear Store is Open!

This online link closes on September 13th

NEW THIS YEAR: NOSD Chromebook Policy and Chromebook Insurance (optional) includes OES students

New this year: All OES students are included in the NOSD Chromebook Policy. Students in grades 3-5 (and extending to grade 2 during the school year) will use 1:1 Chromebooks throughout the day. Students in EC- Grade 1 have access to district technology throughout the day. There is an OES-Chromebook Terms and Agreement Document to be filled out & submitted. This agreement is for students' use of district technology while in school and also in case of school closure when students might utilize district technology at home. The optional Chromebook insurance ($20)covers all accidental damage that may occur while the device is in the students' possession in school or in the event that a student needs to utilize a district-issued Chromebook during a quarantine period or if there is a school closure and students continue learning remotely. The ChromebookTerms & Agreement Document (was part of the online registration process) can be found here https://docs.google.com/document/d/11nAtQC67P7lSi3qQGW3ogGxU8O6x36FSjrpmUTJ0o2c/edit?usp=sharing. The online registration process is closed and you need to contact the secretary if you haven't already registered. The optional Chromebook insurance can be paid using your E-funds account through the end of October.

Important Additional School Supply Information

For 2nd Grade Students: Personal headphones will be needed. These weren't listed on the Supply List. Suggested style: over-ear (earmuff shape) headphones with adjustable headband, foldable design is helpful but not mandatory (can be purchased at a variety of places online or in stores).

Plastic school supply boxes will be used by all OES students to keep their personal supply items separate. Please check the school supply list for your child's grade specific information about what size to purchase.

Please note:

*If you ordered the First Day School Supply pack offered by PTR, the plastic boxes weren't included. Parents need to supply that separately.

*If your child is in 3rd Grade: The teachers had requested a larger plastic box. It has come to our attention that supply of these is low in stores. If you haven't purchased the box listed, you can purchase the common plastic supply box with a hinged lid (approx. 8.5x5.25x2.375 often $1 at WalMart or Dollar Tree).

EXCEPTIONS are for Grades 2 and 4 - boxes will be supplied by teachers due to a surplus.

*All students will need an art shirt for art class. This can be a larger t-shirt (long or short sleeved), button up shirt, or smock. Please label the shirt and also put it in a labeled ziploc bag.

*Students in 1st-5th grade will be going outside for phy ed classes as much as possible. Therefore, when you get your child's schedule, please help them to wear athletic shoes on their phy ed day. If they need to have class inside due to the weather, then they will need to change to their indoor phy ed shoes. For those grades who have phy ed earlier in the day, the grass areas might be wet with dew. It would be a good idea to keep an extra set of clothes (especially pants & socks) in your child's backpack. We won't be able to call home for dry clothes.

*Throughout the district, only the water bottle filling stations will be working (not the bubblers). Therefore, we highly recommend that daily students bring a filled reusable leak-proof water bottle with a pull-up spout or pop-up straw (not a screw-off cap or exposed straw bottle).

**All school supply items (including students' masks) need to be labeled with students' first & last name. Thank you for your cooperation**

School Pictures

Ozaukee Elementary School students will be having their pictures taken tentatively on September 14th by NETWORK Photography. You can pre-order on line using the link below or you can download and print the paper copy and bring it the day that pictures are being taken. Those who do not pre-order their photos will get a proof on the date the photos are delivered and can go online and order them.

We are encouraging the pre-order option, it alleviates having the physical contact and lets you order directly from your home.

Paper forms will also be available in the Elementary office.

Ozaukee SD School Picture Fall Prepay Link

PDF Picture Order Form

Authorization for Prescription Medication

If your child(ren) will be taking prescription medication at school you will need to fill this form out and bring with the prescription medication (in original bottle) to the district nurse.

Student Lunch Account Numbers

Parents/guardians can view their student's lunch account pin numbers in Skyward Family Access under the Food Service tab. **It is especially important this year that students learn their lunch pin number because they will need to tell it to the cafeteria staff rather than using the keypad. All students will also have it written down to show at cafeteria check-out for breakfast & lunch. *Please practice this pin number at home.*

Contact Ozaukee Elementary School

Lynn Kucharski - Principal

Michelle Ringwell - Secretary

IMPORTANT OES INFORMATION: Respond by September 18 if applicable

  • Release of Information - If you do not want your child's photo, artwork or school project included in any school communication such as Facebook or our Weekly Update, inform the office by 9/18/20 (call or email mringwell@nosd.edu). To protect the privacy of all of our students, we do not include last names on posts or weekly updates. NOTE: We have no control over newspaper press releases such as music concerts.
  • Grade Level Directories - The directories are put together for the purpose of arranging outside school events such as play dates and birthday parties. Student names, parent(s) names, addresses and phone numbers are included in the lists. If you do not want your child's contact information included in the directory, contact the office by 9/18/20. Printed lists will be sent home with students by the end of September.
  • Walking Field Trips - Sometimes teachers will arrange walking field trips to the local post office, dentist office, parks or other close businesses. Teachers will inform parents via student home-communication sheets, email or written slips. There will be no official field trip permission slips. If these activities resume later this year and you do not want your child to participate in these walking field trips, please contact the office by 9/20.20.
  • Birthday Treats - Please consult with the OES School Reopening Information above regarding individually packaged store-made treats. We do not have storage for frozen or refrigerated treats. Please contact your child's teacher regarding classroom allergies and number of students.

NOSD Community Support Team

While this is an unprecedented time in our country, our District wants to provide support to students, staff, and our greater community. With this in mind, our District has put in place the “NOSD Community Support Team”. This team will be serving in a variety of ways to help address the needs in our community. With the use of school vans we have the ability to be able to deliver needed supplies and educational materials for our students, provide food pantry items, and facilitate deliveries to our senior citizens or families in need. Families can call any of our school offices and reference the “NOSD Community Support Team” or send an email to the address below:


During challenging times, it is awesome to see our community work together to support those in need. We will continue to provide proactive communication and regular updates in the days and weeks ahead.