ACT Aspire Resources

Hanceville High School

10th Graders at Hanceville High School will take the ACT Aspire during the 1st week of April. This test assesses student college-and-career readiness in English, math, science, reading, and writing. The test is computer-based and uses multiple question types including constructed response, multiple choice, and technology-enhanced items.

To prepare for the test, students can go to the Exemplar page on the ACT Aspire site. Click on the link below.

On this site, students can watch videos with examples of technology-enhanced items or can view sample test items at clicking on the "Early H.S." exemplar pdf for each subject area.

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Students can also take practice tests by going to the TestNav site linked below.

You should see a login similar to the one below:

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Students will sign in using a username and password specific to each particular practice test:


Username - englishEHS; Password - actaspire


Username - mathEHS; Password - actaspire


Username - scienceEHS; Password - actaspire


Username - readingEHS; Password - actaspire


Username - writingEHS; Password - actaspire


Students often wonder if there is a way to use the Aspire as a predictor for the ACT. You may find the following information helpful. However, these are only ESTIMATES and should not be taken as a clear predictor of what you will score on the ACT.

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You can also see the benchmark scores for each of the Aspire test sections by clicking on the link below.

There you can choose the benchmark scores for each section of the test or the composite score.

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Of course, you need to look at the 10th Grade for each section. This will show you a Low Score, a High Score, and a Benchmark Score, which gives you an idea of what you need to score to be considered READY for meeting ACT College Readiness by the 11th Grade.

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