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Yours truly all the way from beford

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our view from the window of the plane


The plane ride

Briana and I decided for spring break we would go to the mountains. We had a long plane ride on our way to Colorado. FIrst our plane got delayed. Briana and i decided to give up our plane seats to a woman who was blind. She said she had to get home quickly to talk to the doctors about what hse had found out while in texas so we decided we would let her go before us, after all we could check into the hotel. When we got onto the plane we saw the most beautiful sunset.

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Written by: Maggie West

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The skiing

When briana and i got there we decided to go skiing of course because thats what colorado is known for. So we got to our hotel and got ready to go skiing. We got on the ski lift; about halfway up there we here a squeal and then the ski lift stops. Briana and i were stuck on the ski lift for an hour and a half. We were just stuck there. After that we just continued to ski. but the hour and a half that we were stuck has to be one of the scariest things i've ever experienced

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Written by: Maggie West

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picture of someone climbing a mountain similar to the one we climbed

picture found on www.gdargaud.net

the mountain climbing

after being at the ski resort for a couple days we decided to go mounrtain climbing while in colorado. We went mounain climbing. We were on the top of a muntain somewhere in colorado and we saw a man being arrested. we were very curious as to what happened so we asked one of the men bystanding. Apparently the man had been stealing money continuously from the store in the town below the mountain.

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written by: Maggie West