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Written By: Fiona Maselunas

Social Media is Destroying our Society one Tweet at a Time

Society today is faced with the ever growing problem of electronics and social media. What used to be considered this amazing creation is now the leading cause of obesity, ADHD and inadequate communication in teenagers. Cell phones, internet, television and social media have completely corrupted the minds of youth in our society, turning them into boring, unimaginative and unintelligent robots. To stop an event like this from happening, there is only one solution - eliminate use of electronics and social media entirely.

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With government involvement social media can easily be removed from the world. Laws can be created that make any form of electronics or social media illegal! The banning of social media and electronics would make for a safer society - less mental and physical health problems. The obesity rate in children would be brought down because there would be no television or screen time for kids to daze off into and stuff their faces with junk food. Students will no longer have to use their calculator to know that 4+9 = 13, or look on spark notes to understand Shakespeare, all in all, society will be fall more intelligent. Abolishing electronics and social media is the best solution for creating a new society that will thrive in many generation to come. Make the right choice by giving up your phones, iPads, laptops, Tv's and all social media accounts today!
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