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November 16, 2015

The Power of Positive

Norwood has started a system of positively reinforcing outstanding behaviors. The Cafe is our first area of focus, but we will add other common areas every three weeks. The goal is to reinforce and model positive behaviors everywhere in our school.

We have adopted a slogan: "This is how we ROW" which stands for:

Responsible, Ownership, and Wise Choices.

Currently, classes earn stickers in the common areas and receive rewards as a class for achieving the class goal. Every class will receive a class reward once they meet their goal. Students are responding very well to the system and are very excited about showing positive behaviors. Teachers are reviewing the ROW acronym in class and building excitement about making these positive choices. Giving positive attention to behaviors allows us to reinforce the great things students are accomplishing.

Beginning December 1st, Norwood will add individual reinforcement for the positive behaviors we see. Your student will have a "I am a Positive Part of Norwood" page where they will put earned stickers. These stickers can come from any adult in the building. The page has three frames of 10 . Once each 10 frame is filled the classroom teacher will give a reward. Once the page is filled, the student will bring to the office for a "Principal Prize". This page will also go in a drawing for a school wide announced acknowledgement of great behaviors!

This technique of positive reinforcement has proven effective for parents, teachers, coaches and leaders of all ages. We are excited to be practicing reinforcing positive attributes of behavior whenever possible.

Some resources that can help families build positive reinforcement of behaviors at home:

Below are the positive behaviors Norwood Nation is reinforcing in our common areas.

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Upcoming Events for Norwood Nation...

1st Annual Turkey Bowl-Thursday, November 19th:

More information will be coming about our exciting first ever Turkey Bowl!!! The event will be on Thursday, Nov. 19th beginning at 2:00 in our gym. We invite parents and guardians to join us for this first ever event at Norwood!