2D Weekly Newsletter

Week ending October 15th

Good morning,

This week saw the start of new units within all curriculum areas. It was a busy week that flew by. I hope you have a lovely weekend with your families and I look forward to seeing you all at parent teacher conferences on Wednesday & Thursday.

Kindly, Penny

Curriculum Updates

Upcoming events

October 21/22 Parent/Teacher Confer. 3:40-7:20, 7:40-12:00

October 27 Halloween Classroom Party - 40 minutes

October 27 Halloween Carnival

October 27 Full Day Tuesday – Thursday Schedule

October 28 PD Day – No Students

October 29 Day Off!!

November 8 AMA Bake Sale

November 20 PTA Gala Dinner

November 24 Full Day of School – Regular Tuesday morning schedule

November 25 Thanksgiving Classroom Celebrations – 40 minutes

November 25 End of Trimester 1 – 61 Days

November 26 Thanksgiving – No School

Swimming begins this week for 2D

Classes will be starting their aquatics program during PE beginning the week of October 18th, and will go for 3 weeks finishing on November 5th. There will be another 5-week unit later in the year.

This is part of the Physical Education program; therefore your child will be swimming on their scheduled Physical Education days during their regular P.E. class.

Students need to have the following equipment:


  • Swimming suit (girls-one piece)
  • Swim cap – mandatory for all elementary school students. These may be purchased from most sports stores or from the Booster Club. If students forget their cap they will be expected to wear one provided by the school.
  • Towel
  • Plastic bag for wet gear
  • Goggles (optional)- We do not have goggles for students to use.

Mathematics - Straws, straws, straws!

Little scientists in the lab

Show & Tell

Certificates in 2D. Well done Emily, Lamar & Quinton!!

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