GWE ASPIRE Film Field Trip News

December 9, 2015

Today's field trip was a big hit for many reasons. There were fantastic speakers who kept students engaged. The many topics covered meant there was something for everyone! The speakers helped cast a vision for future career possibilities. Last but not least students were challenged to go deeper with their thinking.
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B & B Theaters Presentation

Green Screening by Chad Godfrey

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Special Effects/Costuming

Tab Treml is the owner/ operator of Creature Feature FX. She brought in a bunch of different examples of costumes and masks to share with the students. It was very cool the way she showed students how to use recyclable and inexpensive materials to make many of the props. Students got to ask many questions while investigating the masks. One question that was asked is how Ms. Treml got into the field. She gave many options of how they could get that type of degree. (Sorry the pictures are blurry. My phone camera does not take great pictures. But I wanted you to be able to see some of the items.)
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Lights, Camera, Action!

Who knew there was so much that could be done with lighting to create great video effects! Students got to see all that Scott Childers from Kansas City Grip and Electric could do. He talked about the different effects he could create along with all of the supplies he carries around in his truck. Students were talking afterwards about the different things they could try in future videos.