Realizing My Powers

By : Tashawna R. Jones

Success As A Learner

Learning how to say my ABCs was a very big success in my life because without the alphabet I wouldn't be able to sounds out words or even know how to spell. Also , it helps me increase my vocabulary everyday such as manners , English class , or even helping others.

As an Individual

As an individual I was personally successful in coloring in the lines . This really meant a lot to me because I have always wanted to be an artist. I love arts and crafts and I loved to be physical with my work. I often signed up for drawing contest and volunteered to draw neighborhood posters.

As A Community

In a community being on the basketball team is really a successful thing to me because basketball really means something to me. I always dedicate my all when it comes to this sport . Also basketball thought me have to work as a team and perform in events learning how to meet new friends.

Most meaningful to you

One that is most meaning to me is honor roll because I want to be able to go to a good collage and maintain a good grade point average not worrying about a GPA , or a waver . I also love seeing my parnets face when they see that I made honor roll , and the excitement that we build as a family.

The second thing that means the most to me is how to do hair . I have hands for hair and its something that never gets boring to me . It has a very big impact on my life because when my grandma passed she always wanted me to her hair and wanted to be a person to do hair .