Elisabeth Kaegea

What is feminism?

The belief that women and men should have equal rights. This is because women get treated differently because they are girls. Like a girl they say. Nicely or rudely? Men view women as weak. As if they can't do the same thing as they can do.

Who does this effect?

This effects women. It brings down their self confidence and causes them to have self conscience. They might be thinking that they aren't strong enough or smart enough, or that they can't do something because they are scared of what others will say. Have you ever heard the expression "like a girl". It's is used to be portrayed in a negative aspect. Like a girl is suppose to represent "not well" basically. And so when guys say this to girl, they begin to lack confidence.

Why should this be memorialized?

This is a big issue in society. Men and women have equal right, but while this might be true, women are expected less of when it comes to those rights. For example, sports. Men can play beach volleyball and not get questioned, but when the tables turn and a girl wants to play football, many questions are raised. This needs to be memorialized to express how strongly women should feel of their own sex and let them know that "like a girl" means being courageous and trying hard. The memorial should serve as a place of grievance, for those who have lost a loved one because they were told they couldn't do certain thing time and time again.

Where should it be placed

North pacific ocean near Hawaii. When I think of where this memorial should be place I automatically think of ocean. The ocean would represent how many things live in the ocean, and they all need each other to live. One species is no better than the next, because they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Hope for this memorial

I hope that after this memorial, women view themselves as they are, which is powerful. When I say powerful I mean, they can accomplish many great things in their lifetime. I hope that they can say "Yeah, I hit like a girl, " "I run like a girl," or "I play like a girl." I hope they say all these things believing that doing it "like a girl" is the best way they could possibly do it, because guess what? They are girls.