Passerelle Simone-de-Beauvoir

By Lucas Louro


  • Surprisingly, It is one of the only bridges in Paris made for pedestrians.
  • This bridge gives a fun way to have a nice stroll and enjoy the view.
  • La Passerelle Simone-de-Beauvoir is solely built for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • It's unique design gives the feeling as if you are floating on air!
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  • The location of this bridge is in Paris, France.
  • This bridge crosses The Seine River but doesn't touch the water.
  • It connects the 12th and the 13th districts.
  • It is in-between two other bridges named "Pont de Bercy" and "Pont de Tolbiac"
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Faits d'Information

  • This bridge begun being built in the year 2004 and was completed in 2006.
  • La Passerelle Simone-de-Beauvoir is the 37th bridge on the Seine River
  • It has the width of 39 feet (12 meters)
  • Also the length of 997 feet (304 meters).
  • It weighs 640 long tons / 720 short tons
  • It is completely made of steel.

Créateur du Pont

  • The maker of this bridge is named Dietmar Feichtinger.
  • He was born on the 18th of November, 1961 in Bruck an der Mur, Austria.
  • He is an Austrian architect established in 1989 in Paris.
  • Also, he won the competition of making the pedestrian bridge.
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Opinions et d'Évaluations

  • "It is the nicest pedestrian bridge out there" -Britney Damon
  • "It's very unique and special" -Nick Rojas
  • "The architecture is different than most" -Marika Virthe
  • "It was an extraordinary experience to see the view" -Jessica Kuo