Roger Williams

By Seth Rogala


Roger Williams didn't, just find Rhode Island, he lived in other place.The first thing your learn about Roger Williams is his childhood in England.The next thing your learn about Roger Williams is his wife marry and his 2 daughters and there life in Boston and him studying Indians. The last thing your learn about is Roger Williams claiming and making the Rhode Island Colony

Early Childhood

Roger Williams was born in London England and worked with his dad.Roger Williams was working with his dad as a merchant tailor. Roger Williams got help from Sir Edward Coke by getting Roger in Cambridge University and got a degree in 1627. Two years later Roger would become a chaplain in the house hold of a wealthy puritan lord. At the time King Charles and Williams Luad the Bishop of London, they would leave the church of England. In 1629 Roger Williams got married to Mary Barnard then later would have six kids. Roger childhood was a great childhood.

Boston (Bwosten)

Later in his life, Roger and Mary would move to Massachusetts. Roger and Mary would move to Massachusetts with his daughters Mary and later had Freeborn. Roger got a letter to join the Minister of Puritan, but he would refuse. Later Roger and his family would move to Plymouth Bay then went back to Massachusetts Bay in 1634. Then Roger would become a minster of church at Salam. When he had the time he would study the Indians language. Next Williams would tell his wife and two daughters that he is going to find land. Williams found Providence and then with his studying the Indians helped him. Roger wanted to a island he found Rhode Island.

Going to the island

Roger Williams was a great person for find Rhode Island. When Williams went to Rhode Island he had abolish a government, later he make a government. A couple year later he had made a Bloudy Treaty of Persetion. The Rhode Island colony decided to elected Roger Williams as president of Rhode Island. In 1657, Williams decide to provide quakers that got banned from other colonies. Williams would live his life in Rhode Island as a farmer and trade with Indians. Williams died in 1683 and he was buried next the miltray honor and I assume he family was in hardship from his perish. Many years later the Rhode Island government decided to make a statue in his honor. Roger Williams was a great man for finding the Rhode Island Colony.


Roger Williams was a important English man for achieved a lot of goals in his life time. Roger Williams had wonderful childhood and got a degree from collage. Next, Roger Williams when he had the time he would study Indians language in Boston. Lastly, Roger Williams was a great man for finding Rhode Island. Roger Williams will always be an important part of Rhode Island.


abolish * To offcially end or stop something to completely do away something

assume *To think that something is true or probably true with knowing that it's true

hardship *Pain and suffering

Indians *People the lived in the 1600s.

perish * to die or be killed


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