Steve Jobs

By Skyler Hawley

How Steve Became Famous

Steve Jobs created Apple as well as many other Apple products like the Apple 1, the Apple 2, the Mac, the iPod, iPhone, etc.

3 Things That Made Steve Successful

  • When Steve created the Apple 1 computer because he sold a lot of them that year.
  • When he created the Apple 2 because of all the new features everyone wanted one.
  • When Steve brought the Apple 2 to a trade show because he made a lot of money and got to show more people what Apple has to offer.

Byte Shop

The Byte Shop was important to Steve because it was his first job selling computers and he also made his first Apple computer sale there.

Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak was important to Steve jobs because he helped him build most of his electronics and also helped with the first apple computer.

Stanford College

Stanford College was important to Steve because he met his wife, Laurene Powell there. In 1991 they got married.

5 Interesting Facts About Steve

  • Steve got adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs.
  • Steve got his start by selling computers from his parent's garage.
  • Steve attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon but soon after, dropped out.
  • Steve took calligraphy classes and that helped him make the fonts for his computers.
  • In the summer of 1994, Steve and his friend, Dan Kottke went to India for a month to meet spiritual leaders.
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Steve Jobs The Brilliant Mind Behind Apple

By Anthony Imbimbo