How your child can become a more advanced reader

How to use Raz-Kids

Simply go to www.raz-kids.com on any device, and click on the green box that says "Kid Login" and put in the teacher username that I provided you with. From here, your middle-school child will be able to access hundreds of grade-level books, in both Spanish and English, as well as quizzes that test their comprehension. With Raz-kids, your child will be able to read what interests them and take a quiz at the end of the book, which allows me to easily monitor their progress.

How to access

Raz-Kids is available for free on a variety of devices, including

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch
  • Kindle
  • Android
  • Computer

It is also available at anytime, so your child can access the program at home, at school, or anywhere else with wifi access.

Guaranteed to be fun for your child

Weekly assignment

Your child will have time each day to complete a book and corresponding quiz on RazKids, for a total of 5 completed assignments by the end of each week. If they do not finish in class, they also have the ability to do so at home. This is supposed to hone in and improve their reading skills, in a fun and engaging way.