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February 17, 2023

Important Upcoming Events and Dates

February 20: Family Day (NO SCHOOL)

February 22 : Pink Shirt Day

February 22 : Band Concert 6:30

February 28: Returning student registration closes

March 1: Early Dismissal/Staff Meeting

March 15: School Council 5:30pm

March 16: Interviews 4-7pm

March 21: Interviews 4-7pm

March 24-April 2: Spring Break

April 15: Young Authors Conference

April 18: Open House GRADE 6 and new students

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Recognized worldwide since it began in 2007, Pink Shirt Day is an opportunity to promote healthy relationships, respect diversity and take a stand against bullying. We all share a responsibility to understand how bullying negatively impacts individuals, families and organizations, and how to be an active bystander when we witness bullying.

Pink Shirt Day encourages Albertans to be inclusive, welcoming and supportive with students, colleagues, clients, friends and families. Having a strong focus on social‑emotional learning and the development of healthy relationships are some of the best ways to create welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environments.

Please join us in wearing a pink shirt on February 22, 2023, and showing your commitment to the importance of promoting healthy relationships and creating environments that are welcoming, caring, respectful, safe and free of bullying behaviours.

FRH Staff Recognition Form

THANK YOU to everyone who has already filled in the form. These are shared directly with staff and always brighten their day! If you would like to publically acknowledge a staff member at FRH please fill in the attached Google Form.

Cell Phone Policy

Our district administrative policy states that students are not permitted to have cell phones or communication devices in class. Lately, we have noticed that more students are bringing their phones into class.
We are very aware of the negative effects of cell phones on our students and their learning and have informed students that there will be consequences for this behaviour, including cell phone contracts, parent pick up of technology and suspensions.

Safe and Caring Environment

There has been an increasing number of negative comments from student to student both in person and online. There have been racial, rude and harassing comments that are creating unsafe and uncaring learning environments, which are not tolerated.

Students who continue to show this negative behaviour will continue to be addressed and dealt with individually to help correct and stop these inappropriate actions. We work hard to create safe and caring spaces for everyone in our school community.

We encourage open conversations in your homes and will work with students and families to correct any behaviours. These topics are very important and we appreciate your support.

Do you or someone you know have a really great career that you believe our students should know about?

FRH is looking for volunteers to come to our school at lunch (12:21-12:51) and highlight their careers to our students as possible future career opportunities. As we are doing our best to help prepare our students for high school, we also want to look at the way in which some careers require specific courses or streams of education and want to share this information with our students, so they do not miss out on potential opportunities.

Our Lifelong Learning committee has created a presentation that allows you to fill in the information specific to your job and takes all the guesswork out of what you should present, while also giving you an easy and effective way to best present this key information.

Anyone who is interested in presenting their career is asked to email Mr. Wever so that we can share the blank presentation with you and arrange a lunchtime that works.

We are hoping that these can become a regular occurrence within our school that students are aware of and can plan to attend careers of interest regularly. Thank you for helping to support our community!


Today the grade 7's had the "Tracking Black Canada" presentation. Please take time to talk to your child about what they learned.

Using OWTA’s trademark edutainment style that combines video, slam poetry, stand-up comedy, and audience participation & interaction, "Tracking Black" Canada highlighted the contributions and achievements made by prominent residents in these forgotten communities, Omari illuminated the conditions that led to their systemic demise and highlighted how their impact is still felt today.


The grade 8 & 9 presentation will be in March and is “Unpacking the N-Word”, which will explore the origins and evolution of the N-Word. Through an edutainment style that combines slam poetry, video content, audience participation & Interaction, participants will learn to put one of the most loaded words in the English language into proper historical context.

Calling ALL chocolate-lovers!

The FSL 9 Quebec Trip students are teaming up with Purdys Chocolatier to fundraise for our trip this May. Stock up on your favorite Purdys Easter treats and support a great cause at the same time—it’s the best of both worlds. All fundraising profit raised will directly support our trip so every order makes a great difference to us. Ordering is as easy as eating chocolate. Just click this link https://fundraising.purdys.com/780246-103622 , fill out your info ( you’ll need an email address), click “Join Campaign”, enter campaign number 38615, and order to your heart’s content!

The order deadline is March 7th, so get shopping! All orders will be ready on or before March 22nd for pickup.

Returning Student Registration

Returning student registration for the 2023-24 school year opens at 9 a.m. on February 1. That morning, the Division will send a SchoolMessenger email and phone call to all current PALS to Grade 11 families letting them know the Returning Student Registration Form is available and the deadline to complete it is February 28. The Division will send reminder emails to all those who haven’t yet completed the form on February 13 and February 21.

School Fees 2023-24

We discussed school fees at the January School Council meeting. Click on the link if you would like to see what was discussed and provide feedback on the fees as we move through the planning process in the month of February. The proposed school fees for 2023-24 will be presented at the March meeting. Please direct all feedback to Ms. Smith.

For your reference, below is a link to the school fees information located on the F.R. Haythorne School website. The webpage includes the current School Fees Schedule for 2022-2023, as well as information on waiver of fees, refunds and student transportation fees.


Book of the Week

Another great title for Black History Month is When You Look Like Us. This fiction novel is about Jay, and how he is struggling to deal with the fact his sister is missing. When you look like Jay and Nicole—brown skin, brown eyes, black braids or fades—people think you’re trouble. Unfortunately, no one looks twice at a missing black girl from the projects because she must’ve brought whatever happened to her upon herself, so Jay decides to do what the local police department won't, and that’s find his missing sister.

Missed exams

We have updated our practice with students who are missing exams. Students will now be given a space either at lunch or the end of the day. Individual teachers will meet with students to set up a time that works.

Students please make sure you are checking your email to see if teachers have contacted you to set something up.


Thank you for continuing to reach out when your child is absent. Attendance issues are often one sign that a student might be experiencing life challenges. Missing classes can often create anxiety and a feeling that once they fall behind on assignments they will never get ahead, leading students to avoid those classes further.

Missing even 10% of classes can have a huge impact on a student’s school success.

How is much is 10%? As of February 8, we have had 576 classes (6 classes per day). If a student has missed 57 classes, they have missed 10%.

We know that there are often extenuating circumstances. However, when a student misses 10% or more classes, you will be receiving an email home from either Ms. Knott, our school counselor, or Ms. Jimmy, our school Success Coach.

We know that it can be very difficult to get a resistant teenager to school. Please know we are here to help and reach out if you would like support in finding solutions to attendance issues.

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Senior teams are competing in the Sal Shootout this weekend at Salisbury Highschool.


Next week:

Tuesday Feb 21

Sr Boys - 4:00 @ FRH

Sr Girls - 5:15 @ FRH

Thursday Feb 23

Jr Boys - 4:00 @ SCA

Jr Girls - 4:00 @SCA

Senior Teams are in the Bev Facey tournament next weekend.


All practices and games will be posted here. Times will be posted soon. Check back regularly.

Hawk Wear Orders

Looking for some comfortable new clothes? Check out the great Hawk Wear for sale. Please let us know if they are gifts and we will call you when they arrive.

Referees Needed for Basketball - PAID Position

FRH athletics is looking for Basketball officials. If you know of anybody who would be interested in a part-time job reffing basketball please email Mr. Roper.


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Many of our FSL 9 students will be travelling to Quebec in May of 2023. To help offset the cost of their trip, they are fundraising. Want to help? Sign up for Flipgive. We earn cash back on every purchase we make all year long! All you have to do is shop anytime with the brands you already love, like Home Depot, Walmart, Sport Chek, Indigo, Old Navy, Sobeys, Under Armour, Apple, Esso, Loblaws, and many more.

It’s completely virtual and contactless. Interested? You can join our team now and we’ll get a $5 bonus the first time you shop: https://flipgive.app.link/teams/join?joincode=YTD79C, or head to the website or app and enter this code: YTD79C. Please consider supporting our students and email Mrs. Getschel if you have questions.

Young Authors Conference - Sat. Apr. 15, 2023

Each year over 400 selected students in grades 4 to 9 from both Elk Island Public Schools and Elk Island Catholic Schools are invited to spend the day with a variety of well-known children and young adult authors, illustrators, and graphic artists—working with them and learning the tricks of the trade.

Any FRH students who are interested in attending the YAC Conference on Saturday, April 15th, please come see Ms. Smith in the office by March 1st. Students who show special interest or aptitude in the areas of writing and illustration will have an opportunity to attend the conference.

Parent Resources

Support Information

Kids help phone 1-800-668-6868

The Distress line 780-482-4357

Family and Community Service

(FCS) call-in hours 780-464-4044