TPSF Summer Academy Robotics 1.5

Week 3 - July 2, 2018 - July 6, 2018

Week 3

Week 3 was another excellent week! The next challenge was to design and build a "dragster" - a racecar that travels 20 feet as quickly as possible! Students figured out how to use gears to increase their dragster's speed and programmed their car to start with a button and stop at the end of the 20 foot track.

After the dragster, students began designing and building roller coasters. Their task is to incorporated robotics and paper components to carry a marble through a ride without touching the marble. They have creative ideas and we are looking forward to seeing their final designs!

Summer Academy Showcase

Please join us to celebrate what your student has learned and showcase their hard work! On Thursday, July 12th, we will meet in the Orchard Hills gym at 11:00 for the debut of the New Robotics Game, Drone Obstacle Course, and winner of the best YouTube video tutorial. At 11:30, Robotics 1.5 will go to our classroom for students to showcase videos showing their projects from Summer Academy. We hope to see you there! TPSF has arranged for additional parking on Culver for the Showcase.


Marble Roller Coaster Designs