The Articles Of Confederation

Advantages and Disadvantages


The advantages of the Articles of Confederation are:

We now have unified army. When it needs to be called up, it can!

If there is any trouble between a state and another country, the government can represent it.

Now, each state is represented by one vote. When a law needs to be passed, the state will have a say on whether or not the law is to be passed!


If a law is passed the government couldn't do anything to enforce it.

If they wanted to pass a law, they needed nine out of the thirteen states to approve it

To amend an amendment, the government needed all thirteen states

There wasn't any checks and balances as there the judicial or legislative branches existed.

Why Did They Do It?

I believe the people intentionally created a weak government out of fear of an overbearing federal government. Also, they didn't really have any modern models of government who they could look to as examples and had to come up with ideas themselves, testing this or that.
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