Arkansas High Weekly Happenings

December 14 - 18, 2015

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Shout Out to ROTC!!

Congratulations to the Arkansas High AR-022 Thunderhog Drill Team for winning 1st place! This is a testament to the countless hours of dedicated practice over the last couple of years, but specifically the last 3 months. On Saturday, 22 cadets ranging from seasoned veterans to eager rookies traveled to Greenwood High School for the annual Bulldog Drill Meet. They competed against 8 teams from Oklahoma and Arkansas that represented the Army, Navy, and Air Force. C/Capt Goldsmith also went head to head in a drill down against 150 other cadets competing to be the best driller in the region, and finished with 2nd place.

I am extremely proud of these young cadets and the dedication they possess to represent Arkansas High and TASD. This past week they have worked hard to pass their Unit Evaluation and this latest feat is a testament to their commitment and leadership.

So look forward to greater achievements in the future for these cadets and the Thunderhog community.

Project Awesome

Out of over 900 videos submitted this weekend for the project the class is doing, they were chosen as one of the 25 best videos with over a thousand views! Check this out. Way to go Mrs. Shumake and class.

Congrats on AP and

Congratulations to David Rice, Anna Shumake, Wayne Smith, and David Burden on being chosen to participate in the AP and pilot program for AP Spanish Language, AP European History, AP Computer Science A, and AP Human Geography. Only 150 teachers were chosen nationally in each of the six pilot AP courses. Thank you for applying and including AHS in this wonderful opportunity for our students and community. TASD is very proud of you.

No Tutoring Wednesday Night and No Night Library on Thursday

We will restart night tutoring and Night Library once we return from the holidays.

Test Review Games for High School

Please prepare your students on Monday and Tuesday for their semester exams that will be given on Wednesday and Thursday. Please keep the review engaging and informative. This is crunch time for academics!

Reviewing course material with games can add excitment.

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Preparing for a test often proves challenging and tedious for high school students. While nothing can make test prep effortless, teachers can add excitement to the activity by engaging the students in interactive review games. Games allow high school students to review the requisite content without spending hours pouring over their books and turn test preparation from a dreaded activity to an enjoyable pastime.

PowerPoint Game Shows

PowerPoint Game Show review games provide high school students with a competitive practice opportunity. Teachers can create their own PowerPoint games by downloading free templates from the PowerPoint Games website, which offers them for everything from "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" to "Jeopardy!" By placing questions and answers relevant to the test topics into these templates, teachers can effectively create an interactive review game for their students.

Definition BINGO

Definition BINGO tests students' understanding of content vocabulary and can be applied to any academic subject. Create a five-by-five grid and make enough copies for each student to have one. Write vocabulary word definitions on slips of paper, fold them and place them in a hat or basket. Write each of the vocabulary words for which you wrote a definition on the classroom chalkboard. Give each student one of the prepared grids. Ask each to select 25 words from the board and write them on his grid, placing one word in each box. Once students have populated their grids, begin to pull definition slips from the hat or basket. Read each definition and instruct the students to place an X across the box containing the word that pairs with the definition, if he has that word on his board. When the students create a row of five boxes, they should yell, "BINGO" to indicate completion and claim their prize.

Onion Ball

Offer your students a movement-based question-and-answer game to help them prepare for their upcoming test. Print questions similar to those that will be on your test on separate sheets of paper. Crumple one of the question sheets tightly to create a ball. Wrap another sheet around this one, crumbling it so it creates a second layer. Continue in this fashion to create an multilayered ball of questions. To begin the game, peel off the outermost layer of the prepared ball and read the question to your students. Allow them to raise their hands if they can answer the question. Select a student and, if he answers correctly, throw him the ball. That student then peels off another layer and reads the question. Play continues in this fashion until all the questions have been answered.

Semester Exam

Wednesday, Dec. 16th, 12am

1500 Jefferson Avenue

Texarkana, AR

2,4,6 and 7th period

Semester Exam

Thursday, Dec. 17th, 8am

1500 Jefferson Avenue

Texarkana, AR

1,3,5,7 period


Thursday, Dec. 17th, 11:15am

1500 Jefferson Avenue

Texarkana, AR

Contact Meshelle for more information.

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