Civil Law

By:Cayce Copley

How does civil law work?

It all starts with a complaint about something that happened, the complaint might be that somebody didn't salt the sidewalk the person slipped and had serious medical bills. Then the court summons the two people concerned in the incident.The defendants are then hired, for lawsuit. Usually there is a plaintiff bringing the two people together. Before court there is usually a pretrial conference to talk with everybody. The trial then takes place in court, the person who is being sued or could possibly get into trouble may plead, a formal statement of defense. In court there is usually preponderance of evidence to show the evidence of case, and what really happened in the case. After the evidence is shown usually they put an arbitration into the situation to help solve the dispute. Next a mediation to help the people become friends not be rude to each other. If the one who filled the complaint doesn't like the verdict they can then appeal the situation
Basics of American Civil Law