Ms.P's First Grade Class

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Hello everyone and welcome to our class website. I will be posting throughout the year to share helpful resources for you to use with your kiddos at home. I will share this link in our weekly update emails so that you have access to it year round.

Online Resources:

As a class, we have just started learning how to log on to the school computers! To help learn about the keyboard and how to type, have your child log on to Typing Club! Here is the link:

We will also be using our math curriculum online games during class. Here is the link:

We just started using the Prodigy Math Game! I sent home a parent letter with your child's log in information and parent information. Here is the link:

Big picture


Class Dojo

This is the behavior plan that first grade will be using this year. We are closely tying the rewards and consequences to our school's PBIS motto, SOAR: Self care, ownership, academic attitude, and respect. This is how we are explaining it to the students:

Self care: Are you being safe and taking care of yourself?

Ownership: Are you making smart choices and owning your actions?

Academic Attitude: Are you focused on learning? Are you allowing the students around you to learn?

Respect: Are you treating others the way you want to be treated? Are you listening to others including your teacher?

Our goal is that students know exactly why they are being rewarded so that the points are meaningful.

Below is a video showing how all the awesome staff members at ARPS are here to help your child SOAR :)