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Pikesville High School Newsletter | November 2017

From the Principal's Desk

Greetings Pikesville High Family,

Our caring staff continues to ensure that they are investing in students-both energizing and equipping them with lifelong skills that will be to their benefit here at PHS, and beyond. Our high expectations, coupled with more rigorous standards, necessitate learner-centered, engaging, and cognitively-challenging instruction to accomplish our mission of providing an enriching academic experience for ALL of our students.

We are ambitiously focused on deepening the knowledge of students’ skills, interests, and needs.

Our staff is also incorporating research-tested “effective practices”, involving themselves in school-improvement committees and professional-learning community endeavors, in addition to providing individualized tutoring during pre-scheduled coach class and sponsoring extra-curricular opportunities with students.


Parents should be using BCPS One to keep abreast of student progress and grades. If you are not, and/or are experiencing difficulties doing so, please contact the school so that we can be of assistance. We strongly encourage you to be vigilant with the monitoring of your child’s work, effort, and academic experience this year. Teachers, school counselors, and administrators are a mere email or phone call away.

Attendance Goes Live

On November 6th, you will be able to view your child’s attendance by class/period.

Straight A’s Breakfast in December

We will host a breakfast for students who have achieved mastery in every single discipline. Parents/family members will be invited to be in attendance for this celebratory event. Stay tuned for more specifics. All students who earn honor roll status will receive a coupon for a California Tortilla as a small token of our appreciation! #CongratstoourPanthers

Activities Abound at PHS

Our school master calendar continues to exhibit many exciting events for this year!! Students will have the opportunity to attend the wide array of events that have been designed with them in mind. This is done to further stimulate students’ participation in the school and address their diverse interests. We hope students will feel connected and positively contribute to the vast assortment of clubs/organizations geared at making them well rounded and actively engaged.

Panther Pride

It is with pleasure that I announce that:

  • PHS is a Towson University PDS (Professional Development School) where designated teachers will be mentoring interns this semester. Our teaching staff recently engaged in a Round Table Discussion with Towson professors on the topic of Literacy and ensuring that our students are ready for the rigors of college.
  • Our newly-formed It’s Academic Team had an impressive showing recently. The show will air on Saturday, Dec. 23rd.
  • The Assistant to the State Superintendent and other guests came to observe our college preparation work and shared how impressed they were and stated that we could be a model for some other schools.
  • Our POPS Concert, featuring our talented musicians, was a resounding success.
  • We are in the process of trying to be recognized as an AVID Site of Distinction as well as looking into becoming a Maryland Green School.
  • Our SADD and SGA assisted in ensuring that our entire school population engaged in Breast Cancer Awareness and Anti-Drug/Alcohol during Red Ribbon Week activities.
  • Our sports teams are posting more wins than in recent history and exhibiting sound sportsmanship.

Special Thanks

  • Heartfelt thanks are extended to Sam and The Suchin Family for arranging a donation of three ping pong tables from JOOLA North America Company so that our students may now engage in a Table Tennis Club - a first in recent PHS history.
  • We appreciate the extremely benevolent gift an anonymous donor has provided to all of the students who made Straight A’s this quarter.
  • With gratitude, we accept the caring gift from our Greater Pikesville Recreation Council for our fortunate student athletes.
  • We are elated with the parent volunteers involved in our PTSA, Music and newly-formed Athletic Booster Clubs. Their involvement at our assorted activities/functions mean a great deal to our school and its constituents.
  • Tremendous thanks to Ben and The Garonzik’s for orchestrating our Spirit Wear fundraiser for over the past year. Additional recognitions go to our PTSA and all who purchased Spirit Wear. It positively promotes our School of Excellence and benefitted our social/academic programs.


Our favorite time to enthusiastically showcase all we do on a regular basis for students is soon coming! American Education Week will take place the week of November 13th. You are an integral part of your child’s education, and during this week we are pleased to open our doors to our parents and guardians. Whether for a brief visit, or the entire day, we are eager to host you as you spend time visiting your child’s classes. We have earmarked Wednesday, November 15th as our day to allow prospective students from other schools to shadow us and see, first-hand, the depth of our instructional programming here at PHS. Also, our PTSA will assist in being gracious hosts on this day as well. Know, however, that you are welcome to join us anytime throughout the week, when convenient. Please check important dates to remember below.

Is Your Emergency Info Up to Date?

We are determined to provide a safe teaching and learning environment for staff and students at PHS. We must be in possession of updated emergency information and your most current cell/home/work phone numbers so that we can access you in the event of an unforeseen situation. As always, please ensure that you have your proper identification each time you come to the school, as this is required for our countywide Raptor system. Thanks for your understanding and adherence to these important requests.

Yours in Education,

Sandra G. Reid

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution. –William A. Foster

Thank you for being an invaluable part of our quality and premier learning community. We are continuously improving and experiencing successful outcomes due to your support and advocacy.

Important Dates to Remember

November 3 First Quarter Ends

November 6 Attendance is live on BCPS One

November 8 Night of Innovation 6:30-8:30 p.m.

November 8-9 Senior Portrait Make Up Day

November 13-17 American Education Week

November 13 9th Grade Visitation

November 14 10th Grade Visitation

November 15 11th Grade Visitation & Open House

November 16 12th Grade Visitation | Report cards are distributed

November 17 School Play, Snow White 7:00-10:30 p.m.

November 20 Pikesville Panera Fundraiser for Class of '19 6-9 p.m. (Mt. Wilson Lane)

November 28 Second annual VPA Coffee House 6-8 p.m.

December 5 School Picture Make Up Day

December 31 Last day to submit a senior portrait for the yearbook

News from the English Department

The English Department is excited to begin quarter 2 by exploring The Odyssey, Things Fall Apart, Crime and Punishment, The Great Gatsby, and Beowulf. Students have been working diligently to improve their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Students should be reading at home to support their progress in English. Please email Ms. Haroth at if you would like to obtain an extra copy of the text to read at home with your child.

Visual Arts

The art departments has our first PHS Exhibition throughout the building showcasing all levels of art courses. Students are impressive with their talent, skill and willingness to try new materials and concepts.

Please join us on our Night of Innovation Wednesday, November 8th from 6:30-8:30 to see students in action and creating art.

Join the visual and performing for a family night of music, interactive media and arts Tuesday, November 28th from 6-8 for our 2nd annual VPA Coffee House.

Students who have not paid for their Art Lab Fees that cover the cost of their sketchbook and all materials must do so immediately.

$10 Fundamentals of Art

$20 All Advanced Art Courses

$30 Design In Clay


The Pops Concert was a huge success and we are preparing for our next concerts in December. In addition we’ve kicked off our annual fruit and cheesecake fundraiser and our students are gearing up for the 2nd annual Visual & Performing Arts Coffeehouse. Please remember if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Wilson at


The annual Music Department fundraiser is underway. Proceeds from this fundraiser support the activities of the music department and the student performers. Orders can be placed online at our eCommerce web site:

All items listed on the price list below can be ordered from this site as well as special gift boxes and baskets that are only available online. Orders need to be placed before Monday, November 20 and can be picked up on Saturday, December 9. See products and prices HERE.

The Sciences

Anatomy & Physiology – Anatomy students have just finished up the Integumentary System in which we studied the different types of tissues as well as the layers of the skin. Two fingerprint lab activities were a nice conclusion to this topic. This week we have started the skeletal system with students creating life size skeletal drawings.

AP Biology - AP Biology students are wrapping up their Evolution Unit, in which they have analyzed specific populations from around the world to make conclusions about how species have evolved over time. In particular, students studied the populations of finches on the Galapagos Islands, honeycreepers on the Hawaiian Islands, guppies in the streams of Venezuela, snakes of the southwestern United States, and rock pocket mice of New Mexico. Additionally, they have analyzed the genetics of evolution by simulating several generations of crossing in a fictitious population. Throughout this unit, students have been raising and gathering data on a crop of Wisconsin Fast Plants, which they have crossed to artificially select for the most "desirable" traits (dark purple and very tall stems). Coming up, students will be learning about plant and animal systems, specifically the ones that help their crop of plants function and their bodies working even on the longest of school days.

Chemistry – In the chemistry classes, students have recently completed the Intro Unit and have moved on to the Atomic Structure Unit. In this unit the students will explore the history of Atomic Theory and the composition of the atom. A highlight of this unit is the Flame Test Lab where students will learn how different elements can produce different colored flames, much like how salts of different elements are used to create specific colors in fireworks.

Earth Systems - This past month students have been wrapping up their Space Unit and starting their Our Complex Crust Unit. Students have created discovery boards and voice threads to demonstrate their understanding of how stars are classified and the process of nucleosynthesis. Students have also performed calculations in relation to orbits of planets around stars per Kepler's and Newton's Laws. This culminated in students researching and presenting a potential mission of their choosing to "NASA" (their classmates) in a bid to receive funding. Looking forward, students will begin to learn about the composition of the planet Earth and the processes by which local geological formations have been created and destroyed over the course of Earth's short 4.5 billion year history.

AP Environmental Science - This month AP Environmental students are engaged in Earth Systems activities. We have examined the structure of the atmosphere by launching virtual weather balloons and modeled the Coriolis Effect with real balloons. This week we will hypothesize where a message in a bottle dropped in our local watershed will travel, examining global ocean currents. Next week we will be examining soil and soil dynamics.

Forensic Science – This past month the students have been learning about how to properly “process” a crime scene. These activities include securing the scene, interviewing witnesses, documenting the scene (sketches, pictures, and notes), and searching for and collecting evidence. This intro unit culminated with the students taking on the role of crime scene investigators by processing a mock crime scene. The upcoming unit will focus on what happens to a body after a person dies. The students will learn about early death indicators, autopsies, decomposition, and forensic entomology.

Paramed Biology - Paramed students are concluding our introductory unit which included ethics of a first responder, legal concerns, stress, and death and dying. This week we will examine overall human systems before addressing each system individually and their treatment in emergency medicine.

Physics - Intro Physics courses have finished the kinematics unit about describing how objects move, and are transitioning into the force unit on why objects move. Their first quarter projects were a great opportunity to see the effects of Newton's Laws of Motion and many photos from their tennis ball launchers, Rube Goldberg machines and Physics of Superhero Comics will be seen in the yearbook at the end of year.

AP Physics C - Students in AP Physics C are cruising through the content as they are preparing for two AP tests later this year: Mechanics and Electricity & Magnetism. Integrating calculus into the course has allowed higher level problem solving including analysis of air resistance. They will soon be starting the energy unit, and may be analyzing cosmic ray data collected by recently acquired muon detectors.

For even more info on internships, etc, click here.

Performing Arts News

Music Department

Please remember if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Wilson at

Music Department Calendar

11/11 All-State Junior Group Auditions

11/13 Baltimore Honors Group Concert @ Morgan State Univ. 7:30PM

11/18 All-State Senior Group Auditions

11/20 Fundraiser Ends

11/21 Tri-M Induction Ceremony & Recital 7:30PM – M2 & Library

(Note that students will receive a more complete performance calendar at the start of school, the above information is provided for planning purpose only.)


One of my hopes for the year is to revitalize the Music Boosters organization. Over the years membership and donations to Music Boosters have sponsored guest conductors, artists-in-residence, instrument purchases and repairs, field trips, scholarships, community performances, and the Musical Awards Banquet.

Please fill it out our membership form and return it to your child's music teacher, or mail it to:

PHS Music Department

c/o Tedd Wilson

7621 Labyrinth Rd.

Baltimore, Maryland 21208

If you have any questions or suggestions about how to best support the music programs at Pikesville High School, please contact me by email at Thank you and I look forward to very success and productive school year!

Social Studies

Model UN

Pikesville High School will have 28 students participating in the National High School Model UN conference in New York City from March 7 – 10th. Mr. Glenn Smith, Mrs. Jennifer Meltzer, and Mr. Jerry Dresner will be chaperoning the delegates and preparing them to represent a nation at the conference, which simulates the diplomatic process carried out by United Nations member countries. The conference will include a visit to the United Nations headquarters, where Senior Jessie Anderson addressed over 2,500 delegates last year!

Mr. Smith’s AP World History classes have just begun their study of the time period from 600 CE – 1450 CE, which represents the end of the dominance of Rome and Han China in the Eastern Hemisphere and the rise of the influence of Islam in Asia and Africa. This time period also features the increase of influence for Christianity in Europe and the beginning of the conflicts between followers of these religions. This time period also includes the establishment of nations in Europe that will evolve to become the most powerful nations in the world after this period of history ends.

We are continuing to work on strengthening our use of evidence to support our claim in both World History and Homeland Security. Unit 2 in World History will be broken into 3 parts: Exploration, Expansion, and Exchange. In AP Human Geography we are trying to improve our understanding of how key concepts studied in class can positively and negatively impact ourselves and the environment- focusing on the concept of causation. Unit 3 in class will focus on various aspects of culture and how they impact Social, Political, and Economic make-up of a country.

All Seniors who qualified for the Government HSA Bridge Project have received an agreement form that needs to be signed and turned in ASAP. Bridge Projects will be completed electronically and only during school hours with Mr. Parsons or Mrs. Baikauskas. Please be aware that announcements, letters home, and BCPSOne Messages will be sent out to communicate any important updates. Feel free to email Mr. Parsons ( if you have any questions.

Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores who still need to pass their H.S.A. Government Exam can join Mr. Parsons in room 123 from 2:15-4:00pm for a review session. Four sessions will be held to review content, offer test-taking tips, and key vocabulary to prepare for the upcoming January H.S.A. Exam.

REVIEW SESSION DATES: For students who need to retake the H.S.A. Government Exam ONLY

Wednesday, November 29th from 2:15-4:00 in room 123

Wednesday, December 20th 2:15-4:00 in room 123

Join the Debate Club

The Speech/Debate club is holding meetings after school on Tuesdays in room 207. All students working on improving his or her presentation, argumentation and overall communication abilities should attend. It's a great way for students to meet new people and advance their oratory skills. No try-outs necessary. All students are welcome. Please contact Mr. Goodman at if you have any questions.

Class of 2019 Fundraiser

Pikesville High School’s Class of 2019 is scheduled for a fundraiser night at The Pikesville Panera café (located at 1852 Reisterstown Road---not the Foundry Row location) for November 20th between 6-9 PM. During that time the Class of 2019 will receive 10% of the total sales that the café makes. Please support the Junior Class!

If you have any questions or suggestions for fundraisers for the Class of 2019, please contact Mr. Ethan Goodman (

Honor Societies

National History Honor Society

Applications for Rho Kappa, National History Honor Society are going out this week. Students must have a 3.0 overall GPA and a 3.0 in social studies classes. We are one of only 6 BCPS high schools to offer this honor to students. Juniors and seniors that think they qualify should see their social studies teacher or Mrs. Johnson.

National Honor Society is off to a great start! NHS members have been volunteering at school events, and the first out-of-school volunteering event is on October 28. A group of members will be picking crops at Fresh Fruits Farm, which provides fresh food to Moveable Feast and the Maryland Food Bank. NHS members also collect recycling every Friday after school. On Wednesdays, National Honor Society facilitates peer-on-peer tutoring after school. If a student is looking for consistent help in a specific subject, they will be matched with a specialized tutor, and if a student needs help with a certain assignment or homework in any class, many tutors will be happy to help. National Honor Society is looking forward to a successful year full of volunteering and service.

French & Spanish National Honor Societies

Students who are interested in joining French or Spanish National Honor Societies will have the opportunity to apply at the end of November. Students in Spanish or French 3 or higher who maintain an overall B average and at least all Bs in Spanish or French are invited to apply. Please have your child see his/her French or Spanish teacher for an application. Inductions will take place in early December. Questions? Contact Heather Corasaniti.


With a focus on literacy this year, PHS is excited to initiate “SIT for LIT.” Sit for Lit sessions are planned times when teachers will allow their students to read independently, something of their choice, for twenty minutes. We have Sit for Lit times scheduled twice a month through June. Students will be able to bring in a book or article from home, borrow one from the school library, or select from the 357 eBooks in our school’s Destiny catalog. Instructions for how to access eBooks in our Collections can be found here:

Read our most recent statistics and our reading progress here!

PTSA News & Volunteer Opportunities

It's never too late to join! See form attached (return to school office) or join online: Pikesville High PTSA Membership Form

Next PTSA meeting 11/9 @ 7PM - College prep & application process Q&A with Mr. Goldman, everything you ever wanted to know! This program will be geared toward juniors, underclassmen & their parents.

Dress for Success & Coat Drive - Donate your clean, gently used coats and clothing to the PTSA's upcoming Dress for Success & Coat Drive. Donate the whole month of November, bring donations to the main office! On December 7-8, we will make the donations available for PHS students & families and hopefully, we'll get enough donations to invite the community.

Raffle Winners! Everybody wins when families and staff join the PTSA wins, but these students also won free Spirit Wear!

9th grade: Talleea Williams; 10th grade: Alana Fisher; 11th grade: Alyssa Stewart; 12th grade: Daniel Zafman; Grand Prize: Dorian Green

Fall Sports Banquet on 11/14 - Help the PTSA and Athletic Department celebrate our Fall Athletes, Sign up here to contribute to Sports Banquet!

Important Links:

Download the Membership Form

Visit us online HERE

Connect with us on Facebook!

Buy a Yearbook Ad

Attention Parents of Seniors & Local Business Owners

Consider recognizing your graduating senior with a recognition (baby) ad in the 2018 yearbook. Order forms were mailed to all senior households during September. If you did not receive a form in the mail, there is a link to download a form HERE. If you own local business, please consider placing an ad in our yearbook.

Yearbook News

If your child ordered a 2017 yearbook and did not receive it, it can be picked up in Room 128. If you did not order a 2017 yearbook and would like to purchase one, there are still a few available for $68.90.

Lifetouch Photographers will be back on November 8 and 9 for those who missed the original date. An appointment card will be mailed to your home about 2 week prior to those dates. If you do not receive an appointment card, or want to schedule another appointment, call Lifetouch at 410-525-1700. All senior portraits must be taken by December 31 to be included in the 2018 yearbook.

  1. Order Online at Search for Pikesville High School.
  2. Order by phone: 1-877-767-5217.
  3. Order by Mail: forms available in Room 128.


For more information on how to submit yearbook photos and yearbook portraits, click HERE.


Important Policy Reminders

School Attendance

Pikesville High is continually striving to improve its excellent attendance rate. This is one of our school progress goals this year because we know that students who attend school regularly have a better chance to achieve. Research shows that schools with high attendance rates are higher performing schools.

What do I do if my child is absent?

Please be aware that when your child is absent, you are required to send a written note to the homeroom teacher explaining the reason for the absence the day of your child’s return to school. In the event of a legal absence, students are required to make up any missing work in the time allotted them by the teachers in their particular classes.

Early Dismissal/School Visitors
When it is necessary for your child to be dismissed early from school, please send a note with your child the morning of the early dismissal. Have your child bring the note to the front office in the morning. He/she will be given a pass to give their teacher at dismissal time and then will meet you in the office. In order to pick up your child, you or a designated person must:

  1. Come in the building to sign your child out of the building.
  2. Provide proof of identification .

Thank you for understanding that the safety of all of our students is of the utmost importance to us!

Pikesville High School Vision

Pikesville High, the heartbeat of our culturally-diverse community, is where pride in our work, and honor for ourselves and others, combine to ensure success in cultivating our globally-competitive students.

About Us

Principal, Mrs. Sandra Reid

Assistant Principals

Grade 10 and P-Z grade 9 Mr. Robinson,

Grade 11 and A-F grade 9, Mrs. Seymour

Grade 12 and G-O grade 9, Mr. Carney

Other Important Numbers

Main Number: 410-887-1217

Guidance: 410-887-1219

Nurse: 410-484-4795

Athletic Director: 410-887-1257

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